The Warrior:
Name: Ivar
Age: 28
Ranking: future leader plus a spot in the Lady of Death's heart. (if she has a heart)

Looks: blond curly hair that is like a light that follows him everywhere. His dark eyes can look through every situation; except girls. The little necklace around his neck was from his mother and protects him during battle. His tanned skin and muscles make him very attractive, together with is little dimples in his cheeks make him irresistible.

Personality: a very serious boy that loves to listen to stories his mother told him. Now he tells the stories too his future men. He will never back away from a fight, he will search for it too. He is used to very hard training and working.

Most intriguing Time in Life: On his 18th birthday his parents had a present for him. He had to fight a whole day to get his well deserved axe and a place at the Rhanquil warriors. The other time is when his parents died. He had a good bond with them and he thinks of them almost all the time.


The Dragon:
Name: Fiacha
Gender: Female
Colour: Rayant (Bronze)
Species: Dragon
Mate: Earth Quail

Rain flushed down the sky when Ivar and the others were called into the deep cavern. Every one on the sands impressed leaving Ivar alone.
There was only one egg left on the sand. Jasmith gently nudged it with her nose to fall. A little chirp sounded from the inside when the egg cracked and the small dragoness was woken up abruptly.
"No time for sleepyheads." Jasmith said gently, "Go impress young lady."
On the side Ivar looked a bit worried. Had he heard the large dragon say 'lady'? But how then could she impress him? How could she fight with him.
Yawning the baby rayant closed in on him and with one swift move of her paws flipped him on the sand where he lay for a while trying to make sense of what had just happened.
"Never ever doubt me again. That I'm sleepy doesn't mean that I'm worthless!"
"I get it... ow." Ivar said, "Do you have a name?"
"Of course I have! It's Fiacha."
From the stands Ivar heard his friends call out to him about the catch he'd made. Ivar could feel his cheeks turn red and kept his head down, after all, he was their leader and he didn't want them to see that he was blushing.
On the benches Vaik turned his head to where Chimera was sitting. "Hey!" he said, "Aren't you coming down too for the feast?" he asked her.
"I don't really feel like it, thank you." Chimera said coldly.
"Awww... I want to see my babies!" Quail said.
"Maybe you'll get into the mood down there." Vaik shrugged, "Come on! We're not that bad company."
Chimera looked at the mercenaries, they all carried their swords and leather armour.
"You're right, but not in the way you think."
 Chimera said, her life could use some new excitement.
"No killing!" Quail called out.
"Hush you!" Chimera said glaring evilly at her dragon.
She followed the men down to the feeding tables and was surprised when Ivar stepped forward, or more exactly was pushed forward by his mates. 
"Eh..." he stammered, "There's been something I've been wanting to give you since I first saw you."
 she asked, getting ready to punch him.
Chimera was surprised when he didn't try anything but hang something around her neck. When she brought her hand up to her neck she could feel it were pearls.
"A necklace?"
"You don't have to wear it... but it would make me happy." Ivar said, his eyes still averted to the floor.
"Whatever." Chimera shrugged, treating herself to another piece of cake.
"You're not fooling me!" a certain brown woosy voice said in her head, "You like him, don't you? Admit it!"
"Hush." was all Chimera said, but she couldn't help her eyes being drawn to the young man all evening.


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