The Warrior:
Name: Vaik
Age: 27
Ranking: Ivar's Councilor

Looks: This thin man has long hair that mostly hangs in a ponytail. His hair is brown and his eyes cold blue. He doesn't have any scars and almost no muscles. Even though he can manage a sword.

Personality: This thin man is very good in statistics and planning things. He is smart, although he sometimes doesn't think before he speaks. He is a good friend of Ivar. He loves to talk and sometimes forgets that other people love the quite things.

Most intriguing Time in Life: He was never loved by his parents. He doesn't remember them, only that they left him when he was a small child. He lived with another family and had to work very hard. He didn't learn to read nor to write when he was a child, but he knows it now. He was beaten by the man of the house, the children treated him like dirt and their mother made him clean the whole house after a hard day working. But he ran away and left that part behind. He met Nyel and Redl on a market near Rhanquil. He followed them and found a place within the warriors.

The Dragon:
Name: Endogen
Gender: Male
Colour: Green
Species: Plant Dragon (Duckweed)