The Warrior:
Name: Redl
Age: 43
Ranking: he is a trainer for the young men. He always stands guard on the wall.

Looks: Scars run over his entire pale skin, his hair was burned away by hot iron. His tong was cut in two and then healed again, he now speaks with a hissing sound as that of a snake. He has dark eyes that always look sad. He walks with a limp, but that doesn't stop him from being a great warrior, with a lot of knowledge about fighting.

Personality: He has a very closed personality, it takes a time before he trusts somebody, but he will do everything for the ones that have a place in his heart.

Most intriguing Time in Life: the loss of his little girl and wife. And a little after that the torture that he had to go through. A more happy experience was when he met Nyel. Nyel helped him get through the hardest time of his life and healed his wounds. Nyel gave Redl's life a purpose again.

The Dragon:
Name: Djandrah
Gender: F
Colour: Bluish Purple
Species: Plant Dragon