The Warrior:
Name: Nyel
Age: 52
Ranking: the leader of Rhanquil warriors

Looks: red short hair and a well build body. He has some scars on his arms, which made him even more dangerous. He is old, although his spirit hasn't died. His green eyes see everything that moves.

Personality: he is a very patient man with lots of skills. He is the started of the group men, together with Redl. It is said that Nyel can fade into the shadows like magic. He walks without a sound even in the forest when it is fall.

Most intriguing Time in Life: Nobody knows what had happened in his past, but it is said that he is the man of which his family was brutally killed in a fire and he was left alone. He then travelled behind the one who lit the fire and when he came at the end of the world had to make a choice. Nobody knows the ending of the story though, and nobody wants to ask Nyel if it's true. Another important day was when he had to make a choice about the next leader. But then Ivar came..

The Dragon:
Name: Wiyelahn
Gender: Male
Colour: brown coloured skin, with red cloths
Species: Plant Dragon