warning some swearing and adult situations ahead



Did you really think there was no such ting as a perfect murder? I will prove to you that there is one. Only one; and you have to be extra careful, calm, and you have to pick your victim. You must see that it only happens once and the victim must be some stranger you met just a few hours before killing him.
Yes… You may think that I’m just a young girl.. You may think that this is all my imagination. But I tell you it’s not! A girl can get to a total stranger more easily. Because the male side of the human race is… well how should I put it.. Weak.
My name is Chimera, called after the strong mythic being with 3 heads; a lion, a goat and a snake. They say that if some-one is called Chimera; that somebody has the power of these 3 animals: I can sneak as a sneak; I have the strength of a lion and the steadiness of a goat. This is the perfect combination and will help me with my victim…

It was summers eve. The night was clear and warm. Everybody had little on and was partying. It was this night that Chimera had chosen to find her victim. She danced a little and already 5 men came to her and asked if they wanted to dance. She had picked this place because there was a big crowd and she wouldn’t draw any attention to her this way. She had her mark on one man. He stood there alone, not dancing but moving softly to the music. She looked at him. As he felt that some-one was looking at him he looked at her. She could see that he immediately fell for her long coppered hair and well formed body, her dark brown eyes and her graceful moves, her sensual waving of her hips, her smile that was so warm, ….
It didn’t take long before he made his first move. He went to her when she had turned her back on him. He softly laid his fingertips on her neck and pushed her long wavy hair away. It had been, in some cultures, the absolute sign of affection. She turned to face him and she looked straight in his grey eyes. ‘Hello’ he said softly.
‘Hello.. Will you dance with me?’ She asked him on her sweetest way, knowing he wouldn’t resist.
‘Of course my love.’ He would plan to go to bed with her.. But before that he would already be killed! She laughed softly, trying not to sound evil.

They danced till late in the night. Some people were already going away. This was her change. They couldn’t leave together..
‘I have to go to the bathroom, to freshen myself up.. Will I meet you outside?’ She whispered in his ears; making sure that only he heard her.
‘I’ll meet you at my car.’ He whispered back. The poor guy. He didn’t know what was going to happen in a few minutes.. really sad..
Chimera went to the lady’s room. Nobody there. Good! She took her knife from her purse and looked at it. It flickered in the light. Such a pretty knife, at last she could use it. The door went open. She hastily putted the knife away taking her powder box. She looked in the mirror and she noticed that nobody would ever know what would happen within an hour. Only she herself. She liked the power. He suffered long enough She went back to him and there she noticed that he was all alone. Nobody to help him. Great!
‘Let’s go to my place.’ He said. She heard his voice shiver of tension.
‘No my love.. I know a better place.. Where nobody will see us.’ She kissed him passionately on his lips. ‘I’ll show you where.’ They got in his car and drove to a place where nobody could see them. She played there when she had been a teenager, with some boys. She was absolute sure that they wouldn’t be seen.

‘Here we are’ She said. She touched his leg. He stopped the car and went out. It was a lake there, really romantic place where nobody came. The stars were sparkling on the surface of the lake. She pulled her dress out. She silently putted the knife away and as she went in the water, it was a welcome cold feeling, he followed her. He took her from behind. She could feel his hard kisses on her body. If she didn’t do it now she would fall into the same passion he was in. She took the knife in her hand and with one stroke his throat was bleeding hard. The look in his eyes were startled. She pushed him coldly away from her. She would let him bleed to death here and then the real work would start. She had picked this place because then the blood would wash away with the water and nobody would know..
He was still not death. She went to him and hold his hands. She looked in his eyes. She could see the question in his eyes. She could almost hear him ask: why?
‘There is a perfect murder, one that can’t be solved. And you will be that victim. Yes, a man killed by a young girl. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY will suspect me. Because you know I will be away before that.’ Her voice was calm. There was no sign of shiver in it. No emotion..
After a minute or so he was death and all of his blood was gone with his life. She took the body, and everything he had left there, with her to his car. There she drove to her place, alone in the woods. She pulled the corps in the house and there she started to cut him in peaces. There was still some blood in the muscles and skin; but that wasn’t much. His body was in all sorts of peaces. That took about 4 hours. It was hard for her to get trough the bones of the corps.
After that she picked up her knife that had turned red of his blood, and started to cut the flesh of the bone. She separated it. The flesh on one pile and the bones on the other. It was beginning to become messy. But still she went further.
When this was done, after 3 more hours, she started to put the flesh into a blender. Making it a pulp that nobody would recognise as flesh and muscles. She left the bones for a second to the side.
She went in the backyard and there the dog of somebody she knew (it didn’t matter who) was there. She gave him the pulp and he at it all. He even wanted more. But it was gone. She left the dog satisfied and went back inside. There she collected the bones and putted them in a bag.
She pulled the bag over her shoulder and took a shovel with her. After a few hundred yards, she dug a hole. It was deem enough for all the bones. She didn’t throw them with the bag in it; that would make it suspicious. She took the bag with her after closing the hole again. It was starting to get light. She had to hurry. Within a few hours she would have to give back the dog and everything would have to be clean.
She cleaned the house and herself first. When that was done she drove the car to a junkyard. There she smashed the headlights and the windows with her bare fists (remember the strength of a lion) She kicked the door out and made some bumps in the iron of the car. Then she cleaned the car making sure that there wasn’t a fingerprint or even a small hair left.

Now all she had to do is wait and give the dog back. And leave. She had it all planned out. She was going to make it!
The dog went away with his boss and then she was alone. The only thing she had to do is to get away. But she was going to go to another dimension. She had learned it. She could do it!
She dimmed the lights and burned some incense and candles. She murmured some words she knew were a spell. She felt light surrounding her. Little stars and light. She felt that she was flying now, spinning around and around. She closed her eyes and when the spinning softened, she could see it was almost midday. She looked around and saw that there were people lived in caves. Some people were just walking around other were flying on mythical beings. She looked at them. Wondered how that could be. She didn’t think this could be able. But she was fascinated by them. Oh how she would love one of her own. She needed a new challenge. Something different. And that would be it!

She wondered around for a few moments when she spotted some commotion in one of the caves. She looked inside it. She wanted to know what was happening. ‘Hello! Are you the last candidate we’ve been waiting for?’ A girl asked.
’I don’t know.. How can I become a candidate?’
’I don’t work here.. I’m just looking at the hatching! All those pretty dragons… I think you just walk in the circle of hot sand and then wait…’
’Thank you!’ Chimera went inside the cave and walked past the other candidates.
’What are you doing here?’ a soft voice asked her. It was a girl who looked a bit angry.
’They said that they needed jet another candidate and I’m wiling to become a candidate.’
’It’s true, but you need to know some things first.’
’What then?’
’For starters… this is about dragons who live. So you must take good care of them; love them, …’ It went on for a few minutes. Chimera was willing to do it all. She knew that there were different sizes and couloirs. And a lot more. But her thoughts were interrupted by a loud crack!
 The first egg was a green dragon. Then there was a red one and a blue. Chimera had to wait a long time. She saw the other candidates leave with there dragon and she was the only one who remained; next to a single egg. This egg shaked, harder and harder. Then it revieled an borwn dragon. Later Chimera learned that a brown dragon was called an Earth dragon. 
The earth first sat. Though there was only one more candidate left it felt a bit reluctant to go to the girl.
"What's the matter Quail?" she asked him mentally.
"The thing... It was a one time event, was it?"
"Of course. Murder can only be commited once without punishment."
"Why did you have to remember it so graphic? I don't like it."
"I'l never do it again, I promiss." Chimera said intending to keep it, though only the future would tell how that turned out.


Chimera had been thinking a lot about death and committing another murder.. But she was always being interupted by Quail. Chimera didn't like the fact that she couldn't think of death, that just wasn't fun. But she didn't because she loved Quail to much.
"Stop thinking of that murder! Do you have to remember it so lively? You know I don't like that.." Quail said.
"Don't give me that look... You know I can't say no to that look." Chimera looked at the brown dragon who was now a teen.
"Soon you will be old enough to help me kill..." Chimera thought. Quail jumped up.
"I heard that!" He said
"I know..." Chimera laughed hugging the dragon.

"I had to impress the only dragon that was scared of murder!" Chimera looked at the sleeping dragon. Now he wasn't naging about how bad it was that she had killed somebody. Chimera thought of the red dragon out of the same clutch. Chimera knew that the red dragon would be her perfect dragon. She had seen him making a fire and even saw another one taking the blame for it. She would have love it if that was her Quail. But she loved him non the less more than the red dragon. She loved to scare him. It was funny to see an adult dragon looking very scared at his rider who was compaired to him very small. She giggled looking down on Quail who was breathing calmly. She hugged him and sat beside him.


'Chimera?' Whispered Quial softly in the darkness. Chimera shighed. 'I was just dreaming of my perfect murder... What's wrong?' Chimera knew that Quail didn't wake her for no big reason..
'Well....' Quail whispered. Chimera knew that if a dragon could blush he would be tomato red right now.
'Come on. Spit it out!' Chimera was loosing her temper just a little bit.
'But I don't know how to say this...' Quial was talking so softly now that she had to hear him closly.
'You now what.. Maybe give me a picture of what you want to tell. That might help. If I can send a picture to you...'
The dragon moved a bit and now his eye was looking straight at her. Soon she saw a picture of a green dragon; not from this weyr though.
'And what do you mean with this?' She asked. She wondered why there were red roses around the green and even some slow motion movements. Was her little dragon in love? And as she thought it Quail whispered yes.
'Why didn't you tell that sooner?' She ran out of her bed to Quail. She took the bronw's head between her head and said: 'You sweety!' And kissed the tip of his nose.
'We will sign in tomorrow morning. Ok?'
'Very ok!' The dragon went back into his sleepingplace and rolled his tail up to his nose. Chimera sat in her bed wondering about her dragon. He became so big so quick...

The next morning Chimera ran to the flights board and wrote her name and Quails on it with the biggest smile she could have.

Because of the red dragon Quail hadn’t flown Solath. Quail had been really sad. But Chimera had been really happy because Quail had fought the red. When Quail had landed she had jumped towards him and hugged him. But that didn’t matter to Quail.. He felt sad..
Chimera had persuaded Quail to go outside. He sniffed the air. His nose as high as he could in the air..
‘I smell something Chimera…’ He said.
‘What do you smell? The fresh smell of blood?’
‘No!’ Quail yelled. ‘Something much more interesting… Follow me!’
Quail moved towards the feeding grounds. There he ran/flew towards it. There he stopped and looked at a pretty gold dragon. Chimera looked at it and a girl began to talk to her. ‘Isn’t she pretty?’
‘Yes she is.. I think my little Quail is interested.’ Chimera smiled.
‘That’s my Jasmith.. My name is Qanyina. Yours?’
‘Chimera. Is she ready to fly?’ In the mean time Quail had sneaked near Jasmith and stroke his head softly against her head. Jasmith pulled herself away and flew away. Chimera ran towards Quail and comforted him.
‘It isn’t time jet.. She isn’t ready to fly.. But I’ll make sure that you can try again ok?’
‘You’re the best rider ever… Even with the killing and all…’
"Goody! I won."
 It seemed that Quail was grinning. 
"Yes I know." Chimera muttered. Thinking of how she grabbed a man at random. 
Shivering, she went to look at the eggs. It seemed that, now that the flight was over, Jasmith disliked Quail. Poor Quail she thought. He was indeed a softy, but that didn't mean that she could just use him. 
She would find a better mate for him. One that would stick.

It came sooner than she had thought. And not only Quail, but she found love too. It was some off world mercenary that had won her heart. He had given her pearls. 
The young man, about her age, was a strong man and leader of the gang. She grinned at the image in her head. Blood and guts spilled on the floor. Plus he had the most wonderful axe always with him. She wanted one.. 
Hearing Quail squeak, she changed her thoughts to his dragon. A strong Rayant she-dragon ,that would have soothed her more than Ivar, called Fiacha.
With her thoughts somewhere else, she touched the pearls around her neck. Ivar had given it to her on the day that Fiacha had hatched. She didn't want to become a softy, but every time she saw him, her heart made a little jump.

Together, they were lying in the luxuries suite of Lantessama. It was a larger room for two dragons and their riders.
Quail nuzzled Fiacha and she muttered a bit before waking. It was about midnight on a rather warm day.
"Quail, honey... Why did you wake me?"
"You still love me right?"
"Of course. Don't ask every five minutes will you."
"Sorry." Quail said in his most sad voice. 
"Oh it's ok." Fiacha said comforting. "Honey.. It's about time..."
"Sunrise? Eating?" Quail got up and hopped towards the opening.
"No Quail.. Time to fly."
Quail's head turned towards her and he hopped towards her nuzzling her head.
"You'll pick me right?" He asked with a small voice.
"Hmmm... I've seen some sexy gold male dragon that I fancy..."
Crying, Quail woke up Chimera.
Chimera, followed by Ivar, sat next to Quail.
"I've never seen a dragon cry." Ivar said in his sleepy voice.
"Yes.. well... Quail is a special dragon." Chimera said, fully awake.
"What did you do Fiacha?" Ivar asked looking at his dragon that sat sweetly in a corner.
"I teased just a bit.." Fiacha walked slowly towards Quail, making sure not to step on his tail, Chimera nor Ivar. Gently she stroke Quail with her head and then jumped out the large hole. 
"Catch me if you can." Fiacha called out to Quail.
One last sob, and then Quail followed him.
"What just happened?" Ivar asked not following at all.
"Don't you feel it? Fiacha is ready to mate." Chimera grinned and jumped towards Ivar. Catching Chimera in mid air and carrying her towards the bed, Ivar started to feel exited.

"Fiacha honey.. Why are you making it hard?"
"I love to play. You know that." Diving down, and Quail following.
Fiacha made a twirl in the air, then rocketed sky high, just to fall down again. 
A male green dragon, feeling that she was ready to mate and following her, was bitten by Fiacha. "I don't want you." She said to the green as he fell down.
No other dragon was going to try to interfere between Fiacha and Quail. She wanted him, he was the only one she wanted as a father for her eggs. She liked Chimera a lot. She loved how she had killed a man and how she would tell it as a bedtime story.
Diving down again, avoiding a mountain, she looked down. Quail wasn't there. Where was he?
And when she was about to call him, she bumped into him.
"I caught you..." He whispered when they both landed.

Chimera impressed at Lantessama Isle
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