Vegetation & Climate
Below you see the map of Icarus without castles or any other markings from which you can get the types of vegetation in the different regions of Icarus.

The equator (line between 6-7) runs through the crash site and the climate around it is warmer. At places this caused a lot of rain to fall and rainforests to emerge, in other places, mostly where nex necii ate away a lot of the dense vegetation, dryer climate-types like plains, savannah and deserts emerged. 
The temperature cools when you move toward the poles but stays pretty temperate though with noticeable change in seasons the further away from the equator you go. 
You can imagine a Mediterranean/Southern climate between sections 4-5 and 8-9. A little further away regions 3 and 10 have a Temperate climate like central Europe/America. The regions beyond have a Scandinavian/Northern Climate.