Of Crystals and Thieves

CHAPTER 1: The Princess in the Tower
text (Sheraba)

CHAPTER 2: The Rogue of Juwary Joer
text (Ulabdi)

CHAPTER 3: The Temple and the 40 Thieves
text + firelizard impression (Ulabdi)

CHAPTER 4: Waiting is Overrated
text (Sheraba)

CHAPTER 5: The Poetic Prisoner
text (Paulo)

CHAPTER 6: The Crystal and the Mirror
text  (Ulabdi)

CHAPTER 7: The Way Between Worlds
text (Sheraba)

CHAPTER 8: The Waterfall in the Sky
text (Paulo)

EPILOGUE: The Fairytale Clues
text (Paulo)

Enter the jungle of Juwari Joer
flow north along it's shore
Wind through the eastern trees
but beware the bees
Turn to the west and chase the sky
but keep your eyes close by
Reach back south and you will find
the entrance to the mind
Traverse the vast halls of darkness
face the danger they possess
All roads lead to the fabled prize
though some may end in demise


Lantessama Isle
Background images found with a google search long ago.