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NAME: Lhiam
AGE: 26

LOOKS: Lhiam is a burly man. He has strong, muscled arms and legs and a wide (hairy) chest. Not even the braids in his dark brown hair and the tie in his beard can diminish from his manliness. He has a wide nose, a generous mouth and alert green eyes. 
PERSONALITY: Despite his tough exterior, Lhiam is a sweetheart. He enjoys playing with the children in his extended family and he's always ready to lend a helping hand. He is strong but not impulsive and likes to think before he acts. Lhiam has a hard time turning down food and will need to stay active or face the consequences. 
SKILLS: Hunting, aiming with slingshot and arrows. 
LIKES: Children, apples and peace.
DISLIKES: Conflict, injustice and celery.

FAMILY: Lhiam is the middle son in a large family. His older sister, older brother and younger sister have already married and started carrying on the family life which means he and his younger brother get a lot of pressure from his mother to get on with it and do the same. Lhiam might have plans to make his mother happy in the near future. 
PETS: Blue Raptor Gluur (m)




Lantessama Isle