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NAME: Rhamon
AGE: 24

LOOKS: Rhamon has a well-toned body with muscled arms, legs and abs. His skin is bronzed, his features are classical. His bright blue eyes and dark curly hair give him an innocent appearance he gladly uses to his advantage. Rhamon smiles a lot and knows how to make himself look good.
PERSONALITY: Rhamon is a flirt. He enjoys giving compliments and going out with the fairer sex. He is very popular with both women and men and enjoys being in the center of attention. However if someone says no, Rhamon will back off. He's generally not someone who puts in a lot of effort. Which it's why it's strange he has been going out of his way to meet a certain archer "by chance" lately. 
SKILLS: Swordfighting, Socialising.
LIKES: Flirting, going out for diner and friendly competition. 
DISLIKES: Hard work, prejudice (mostly against himself) and peppers. 

FAMILY: Rhamon grew up in a family of traditional values where the men put food on the table and the women take care of the house and children. He spent a lot of time with his father, grandfathers and older brothers. He can charm the leaves from a tree, but put in him in a cleaning or food-preparing situation and he won't know what to do. 
PETS: Floofy raptor Vuurklauw (m)




Lantessama Isle