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NAME: Wyatt
AGE: 37

LOOKS: Wyatt is someone who usually goes unnoticed. He is of average height, average built, with brown hair, grey eyes and no noticeable features. He usually wears natural colours like browns and greys that don't exactly make him stand out more. 
PERSONALITY: Wyatt is someone who values his privacy. He is quite okay with people not taking notice of him or underestimating him. Wyatt wants to lead a quiet life, on his own terms, without outside interference. When addressed he will answer and he's generally friendly, but not overly so. When in a crowd he'll usually stand somewhere at the edge near the food. Wyatt doesn't like to take part in discussions, preferring to keep his opinions private. 
SKILLS: Potion making, healing magic
LIKES: Privacy, anonymity and tea
DISLIKES: being pressured by others, embarrassing situations and tiny portion sizes.

FAMILY: Wyatt hails from a small village near the forests of Juwary Joer. Known for farming herbs and spices, Wyatt learned the apothecary trade from an early age and is quite adept at making medicine. His parents are alive and well, he has an older sister. 
PETS: Floofy Mint Green Raptor Raffi (m) (gift from Nexus Discord)

Wyatt wondered what would happen next. He'd clearly gotten lost and the clues they'd gotten that were supposed to lead them to treasure read more like a fairytale. Bees? Sky and trees? Entrance to the mind? These clues seemed to be written by someone who'd just opened a rhyming dictionary ad random. After two days running around in the jungle, being harassed by the other adventurers Wyatt had frankly had enough. 
Looking down toward his feet, he saw only one problem. The fuzzy green raptor he'd received while taking the quest. The creature was mint green and loved to preen. He'd made a lot of noise when other people got close, destroying Wyatt's natural ability to stay unnoticed in the background. Having made the decision to abort the quest Wyatt wondered what would happen with the raptor. Could he return it? Or was he stuck with the birdlike predator he'd dubbed Raffi.
"What am I going to do with you?" he asked the raptor.
Raffi looked up, cocked his head to the side and gave a squawk for good measure. Wyatt winced and hushed the bird. Giving off a decidedly miffed air, the raptor ran forward, leaving Wyatt to follow him. Because, what else was he to do? Not bringing back the raptor might result in a hefty fine. Giving chase, Wyatt cut through bushes, had to jump over vines and roots while all the while trying not to fall, trip or run into another dangerous situation. 
Finally the raptor stopped and stared on. The jungle dropped down several 100 feet and Wyatt was hit by the dazzling reflection of white stone in the noon sun. Well, seems he didn't even need to clues to find the Temple. Just the raptor alone did the job. Which raised the question just what the raptors were. Until a year ago none had been around. And now Lord Zarad had had enough to equip a small army of adventurers. Maybe they were somehow linked to this temple or jungle. 
But there was no time for philosophical discussion now. With renewed hope and courage, Wyatt started the climb down the cliff. A good two hours late he stood in front of the temple. The door was open and remains of a few campfires told him he hadn't been the only one to make it to the Temple. His life had taught him that mindlessly following others hardly ever led to good results. And if the others were before him, then there was no point in hurrying. They'd reach the treasure before him anyway. No, what he needed was to find a shortcut, a cheat. 
Wyatt started to climb the pyramid structure, figuring he could probably get a clue from the top. The entrance had seemed to dip down which probably meant that the maze had been built below the temple and he'd have to find a way into one of the upper rooms to be close to the treasure. After all the water in the soil of Khylar posed a threat to most treasure. Even ancient people should know that, and especially if they'd dug in the ground. 
Raffi followed close behind, hopping on the bricks that jutted out from the lower levels until they reached a plateau. The sunlight had grown softer, the reflection had dimmed and the heavy vegetation cast shade on the building. Wyatt was pretty certain the building was now as visible as he'd be at a party. If you didn't know it was there you wouldn't find it. But Wyatt knew it was here, as he knew there had to be a sneaky way inside. The builders and architects of this structure must have foreseen possible threats that would make immediate action necessary. Taking out the treasure before invaders found it would be a smart move to plan. 
Again it was Raffi who offered a clue. The raptor pecked his beak to the bricks and suddenly one slid away. Curious, Wyatt inched closer and stuck his hand inside. There was a lever and when he pulled it, a larger section of the roof opened up.
"Good boy!" Wyatt praised.
Raffi stuck up his head and puffed out his chest. Wyatt again wondered how much the little creatures understood. In hindsight he felt pretty sure the raptor had known not only the location of the Temple, but also the existence of this hatch. Raffi seemed to enjoy Wyatt's attention and came to headbutt him lovingly, nearly tipping Wyatt down the hole. 
Wyatt grinned and said: "Yes yes, I'll hurry."
He dropped down and found himself in a room full of light. Beams of sunlight filtered through minute openings in the walls and ceilings and were multiplied by hundreds of mirrors. All the light gathered and collided into a single beam that led through a door into the next room. Stepping through Wyatt saw a large crystal that dominated the space and sparkled with promise.
Before he could stop himself, Wyatt lifted his hand and touched the surface... and felt himself be drawn away. Insight dawned immediately. They were all so foolish. The treasure was long gone. As he'd suspected, the Temple had been ransacked before. And the builders had either never put in the treasure or had long since escaped with it. Leaving the invaders, looters and thieves to find this bespelled hunk of crystal which transported them. And where was he headed? Wyatt didn't know. He just hoped he wouldn't end up in a place that meant instant dead. Once again his mind travelled to Raffi and he wondered if the raptor was still in the Temple. Somehow though, Wyatt knew the creature was linked to him and was somewhere close. Wyatt prayed he wouldn't take the creature to an untimely dead.
But when the pulling stopped, Wyatt found himself on a beach. Raffi stood beside him and looked as if he'd done something wonderful once again. Wyatt wondered if maybe he had and said: "Good boy. Did you get us here? And where are we?"
"You're on Lantessama sir." a young man told him, "Didn't you come here to stand for the clutch?"
"Clutch of...?" Wyatt asked, wondering if they were handing out chickens or birds or something.
'Why a clutch of dragons of course. You might be a bit disoriented by how you got here, maybe you didn't mean to come here. But something led you here. Let me take you to the Laedrys, she'll sort you out."
Dazed and disoriented, Wyatt followed the man to the mountains and the waiting Laedrys who'd be able to tell him more. 

Wyatt is a candidate at Lantessama Isle

Gwyveth, the clutch's sire, launched himself to the sky and roared to announce the hatching, his blue hide disappearing against the blue of the sky but the brown streaks that marked his wings and body standing out. The sun was just past it's zenith when the candidates gathered in front of the wobbling eggs and the watchful eyes of their parents. The gathered group was diverse but the majority was human or had a humanoid form. They ranged from the small elf Starcap who was doing a silly dance, to the two shifters Garnet Dawn and Kanon who were joined by their friend Xenze who had bonded at the previous clutch. Morata and Rialar both hailed from Pern and were busy discussing biology with Wyatt, the healer from Khylar, all three of them quiet, studious people who'd gotten along while they waited for the clutch to hatch. Lastly, Odhil, the viking rune farmer turned warrior was standing to the side.
A lot of watchers had gathered and the buzz of whispered conversations was so loud that the first egg hatched almost unnoticed. The topaz female was almost the colour of the sand and it was only when she opened her brightly coloured turquoise wings that people noticed her presence. 
Two eggs at different sides of the sands hatched next, one cracking in half, spilling a deep blue Tanzanite on the sands while the other nearly exploded when a spunky red Spinel leapt from the scattered shards. Next the largest egg of the clutch broke in half and a mass of white-silver limbs and some Tiger's Eye brown wings fell to the ground. It looked like another duotone dragonet which got the crowd roaring. But as the dust cleared and the dragonet got up, the crowd got even more excited. There were two dragons there, twins! 
Two eggs remained and one was ready to hatch. Purple limbs pushed out, followed by a grey-blue wing. The head of the Beryl-winged Amethyst hatchling poked out, her elegant features and smooth lines betrayed her gender. The Amethyst hatchling had 2 candidates left to choose from, both were male and both had ties to the healing profession though only one was an active healer. So she headed for Wyatt and nudged his arm with her head.
"I'm Sigrith." she sighed happily and was just about asleep on her feet before Wyatt caught her when she toppled over.

Wyatt looked across the island from atop Sigrith's back. The huge expanse of water all around them worried him somewhat. Khylar hadn't any real oceans. Not like this one anyway. But he wasn't afraid he'd get lost or hurt. Even in the water there was life and he'd met the playful Nekrats and the other sea-dragons that roamed the ocean. He'd visited the large continent and the sister island to Lantessama, Gineya. With Sigrith and Raffi by his side, he was never alone. But still there was a small area in his heart that yearned for home. Wanted to see what had happened there and if people missed him. His family certainly, and maybe a few of the other villagers. He hadn't had many friends. 
"Want to go see?" Sigrith asked.
"But how?"
"I take you of course. Didn't they tell you how people get to and from Lantessama? If I know where I'm headed I can get there."
"And then what?"

"Then we see what else we want to do or where we want to go. Don't make it sound so hard."
"Maybe I'm not used to all this freedom."
Next to him, Raffi squawked and Sigrith gave him a pointed stare:
"See, he agrees."
"A little fuzzy pet doesn't hold much weight." Wyatt said, only to be rewarded by a snap.
"That's your own fault. Raffi is important. He got you to me."
"So you keep saying."
"It is truth. Raffi is far smarter than you seem to think he is."
"I guess I'll give him a vote after we visit Khylar."
"Are you sure?"
"What now?"
"Well, you do know he has some wild ideas about where we should be going."
"I haven't the faintest clue."

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Lantessama Isle