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NAME: Watzeel
GENDER: Female
AGE: 25

LOOKS: Watzeel has a dark complexion, a broad nose, full lips and pointy ears. Her wavy reddish brown hair is usually braided so it won't get in the way. Her eyes are bright amber yellow. She has a curvy figure that makes people mistakenly think that she might not be fit.
PERSONALITY: Watzeel is a conscientious young woman with a strong drive to make something of herself. She has a hard time staying idle and usually finds work for herself. The only excess she grants herself is the luxury of baths and self-care products. But her body is her greatest asset so she needs to take good care of herself. 
SKILLS: Fighting with shield and sword, guarding.
LIKES: Spicy foods, open plains and warm baths.
DISLIKES: Confined or crowded spaces, potatoes and liars.

FAMILY: Abandoned at birth, Watzeel grew up in an orphanage. She still visits occasionally but has few friends or people she'd consider as family. 
PETS: Raptor Zonkoren (m)




Lantessama Isle
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