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NAME: Nayalla
GENDER: Female
AGE: 25

LOOKS: Nayalla has a straight nose, gentle brown eyes and a wide mouth. Her curly brown hair covers up her unusually long pointed ears. These ears are a family trait and something she's a bit conscious of. She is slender and lithe with the sinuous muscles of a gymnast. 
PERSONALITY: Nayalla knows what she wants and goes for it. She feels like she needs to prove herself by going that extra mile. She always exercises the longest, is always the earliest to rise and the one to go for extra credit. This hasn't helped her make any friends, but the waiting list for her to do jobs is long. 
SKILLS: Hunting, Spying/Retrieval.
LIKES: Coffee, Solitude and Rewards.
DISLIKES: Incompetence, City life and Failure.

FAMILY: Nayalla was born in a privileged family. From a young age she was drilled to act right, to want what her parents wanted from her. Without siblings, the pressure was exceedingly high. Nayalla managed not to crumble but the relationship with her family isn't exactly warm. 
PETS: Fuzzy Teal Raptor Vlekkie (f)




Lantessama Isle