"We're here!" Xantis exclaims as you re-enter Icarus from your short portal passage. The beautiful Desert Drak lands flawlessly on the landing flat to the right of the Entrance of DesCas.
Xantis quickly hops off the Desert and says: "Be a dear Gelontis and lend our visitor a hand will you?" Dutifully the Desert raises a claw to a convenient height for you to step off. You slide down the arm of the dragon and land on the ground next to Xantis. "Be sure to visit High Princess Marysia and High Prince Zander if you have any questions. They are very helpful."


30/04/2022 Nahosdi's draklings paired. Night Cophis and Ore Jasshos, the junior Prince pair, have a clutch in the deep cavern. Pairing should happen around October 31st. 
31/10/2021 Nishi's draklings paired. Forest Nahosdi has taken up residence in the deep cavern. Her clutch should hatch around april 30th. 
03/07/2021 Uploaded new Vulpa images :)
30/04/2021 Because of an influx of aspirants, Day Upsbenar's clutch has already hatched
Water Nishi has now taken up residence in the deep cavern. her clutch is scheduled to open at the 1st of September and will hatch around Halloween. 
27/11/2020 I decided to keep open 3 castles, clutches will happen on a rotational basis. So we start with Dawn, After that hatches we'll move to Acicade and finally to DesCas before starting over. I'll try to hatch every clutch within 2 months so that means 2 clutches per castle per year. If no aspirants come, the clutch will remain open for the next turn in the rotation. If there are aspirants the clutch will hatch regardless of how many there are. So for now Upsbenar will have to wait a bit longer.
13/11/2020 Oh my! It's been years! My sister stopped paying for the planeticarus domain so I'll be hosting all our old castles and the general websites on my own lantessama account. For now everything is closed. Should adoptions open up again, they'll probably happen on na one-to-one basis. We'll see. Let's first get everything linked and working.

Water Drak. You would be the rider of a water Drak!
Very neat. You are soothing, calm and always
tactful. WAY TO GO!
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Castle  DesCas MAIN