Hatching 11
Day Upsbenar had retreated to the secluded cavern inside the heart of the underground castle. Her eggs had shown signs of hatching and dutifully she had ordered everyone out with a smile. Her mate, Mud Ankhara stood watch outside, flanked on each side by a young man, their knights Rohn and Jefke. 
After the Acicade hatching, several aspirants that hadn't paired there had made their way to DesCas and not a moment too soon. They'd hardly had time to take up residence in the aspirant quarters when the notice had come. 
So now the group of aspirants had hurried down to the deep cavern. There was Tarsalia, the waiting princess who'd had the bad luck of several castles closing before she could pair. Ellanher, a unusual envoy from planet Kynn. Gary Cross-Green, a charming man with a lot of technical knowledge. And Cweorth, a passionate warrior from the old earth. With such a varied group, the draklings would surely pair.
Upsbenar led her brood out of the secluded spot where the eggs had hatched. The hatchlings were a bit clumsy, some tripping over their feet or tail, or those of their siblings. Some draks preferred to march their draklings out, but Upsbenar was a happy-go-lucky sort and didn't mind her hatchlings playing a bit.
After a short entertaining parade of adorable draklings, Upsbenar called: 
"Have you made your dezcisionss?"
The draklings calmed down and a dark night female stepped forward. She made straight for Gary Cross-Green and decided:
"I'd like to ssee more of your world. My name isz Verraar."
Next a water and fire drakling stepped away simultaneously. They looked at each other, but then the fire drakling seemed to make a bow and allowed his sister to make the first move. She in turn, locked eyes with Tarsalia and said:
"I sshall help you rebuild your cazstle. My name izs Hindraar."
The fire then strode toward Cweorth and said:
"My name is Ovharra, at your service."
Last, but not least, a dark brown mud drakling stepped away from his mother. With a single look back at her for reassurance, he then walked toward the last remaining aspirant.
"Ellanher," he said, "My name isz Yrdarra and you are mine." 

Gary Cross-Green and Night Verraar (f) - Trainer: Quinn & Mud Evanderi (Knight Training)
Tarsalia and Water Hindraar (f) - Trainer: Marysia & Day Asvalendi (Princess Training)
Ellanher and Mud Yrdarra (m) - Trainer: Bearn & Ore Genkiki (Knight/Judge Training) 
Cweorth and Fire Ovharra (m) - Trainer: Meryk & Fire Quaryet (Knight Training)

Pick Up

Clutch Story
As you enter the deep cavern you see two teenagers playing cards. Behind them a pair of sleepy-looking draks lay on the sand. One a bright gold-white day drak blending into the environment and beside her, a deep brown mud drak like a mountain of wet dirt. Yawning the day drak looks up an notices you. With a flick of her tail she alerts one of the boys of your presence. The lanky young man with his carrot-red hair looks up startled and immediately turns a beet red. 
"Are you here for the eggs?" He asks, "They're bound to be beautiful and friendly when you take in account how wonderful their parents are." 
"But we'll only let you if you're serious about becoming a knight. It's not something to mess around with." the shorter, black-haired boy adds pointedly.

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