"Hello there, My name is Emic and I look after the vulpas." the boy says. He's maybe 15, with black hair and brown eyes. He is tall and lanky and looks like he's ready to squash the young vulpas when he enters the cave.
Contrary to what he looks like, Emic moves gracefully amongst the little foxes and often stands still to pet one.
"Do you know how to take care of vulpas?"
You have to tell him no, besides, maybe these vulpas behave differently than the ones in other castles.
"The desert vulpas like to live in group. You can take up to three per persona and only one can be male, as two males will fight each other. They eat almost anything, but enjoy raw meat and will listen to you if properly trained."
Now which to take?

new set:

old set:


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