Name: Tanguy
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Description: Tanguy is tall and broad-shouldered. he has shaggy black hair and bright blue eyes. He doesn't keep in shape but is still surfing on that teenage metabolism that's keeping him from getting flabby. His metabolism will start to slow down in the coming years so he'll have to watch out.
Personality: Tanguy feels responsible for his younger sister now that their parents are gone. She is by all rights an adult but she'll forever be his baby sister. They were both able to graduate from school and while his sister doesn't seem all that motivated to get higher up in the world, Tanguy definitely is. 
Occupation: Working at the local Sherrif's department as a deputy, aiming to one day run the department. 

Family: Younger sister Katalyn, parents deceased.
Pets: Siamese Vulpa Sherpa (m) from Castle DesCas
??? (?m) from Dawn Castle


Tanguy demanded to be next after his sister, but Mary was an old-fashioned earthener and she insisted that ladies go first. Which is why Tanguy had to wait -impatiently- while Issnidi once again took flight and disappeared. 
Just fifteen minutes later she returned and Tanguy took advantage of Servase's calm nature to get onto Issnidi next.
"Here's the deal." Mary said, "Trust me when I say I dropped your sister off in a safe place. But I'm taking you somewhere else."
"Tanguy started to protest but Mary interrupted him: "My say is final."
"Mine iss." Issnidi interrupted, "But I sstand by my knight."
"So where ARE you dropping me off?" Tanguy asked.
"Someplace where you can relax. It has beaches, a pleasant climate and it's all about love."
Tanguy wasn't certain he'd enjoy it. 



trained by ??? 
??? Training



Tanguy and ??? joined the ??? Armada
Life Mate: ??? (Gertruth)

Story - Gertruth - Tanguy - Katalyn - Servase

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