Name: Katalyn
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Description: Katalyn is on the chubby side with a big chest, wide hips and voluptuous curves. She has long black hair that has a natural curl when it gets wet Her eyes are large with violet blue irises. She does not like to exert herself but she does like the occasional swim and walk on the beach to keep in shape.
Personality: Katalyn knows what she wants and doesn't like to be thwarted. She finished school and vowed no-one would ever tell her what to do for as long as she lived. Sadly she's had to break that vow a couple of times in the past two years. Katalyn enjoys listening to gossip.
Occupation: Shop assistant, she sells candy and shells at the beach.

Family: Older brother Tanguy, parents deceased. 
Pets: -
??? (?m) from Acicade Castle


Katalyn had called out first so Issnidi and her knight Mary had helped her on and off they were. Mary asked Katalyn where she wanted to go. There were calls for aspirants at several of the castles and she liked to divide people equally.
The long-haired beauty thought for about half a second before she called out: "Acicade! Forests all around must be so nice. And maybe there I'd be able to sell some sweets."
Issnidi opened a portal and within half a minute they were flying above a whole different scenery. Katalyn whooped as they descended, feeling her stomach lurch. Mary grinned and said: "Wait until you're on your own drak. That feeling is even better!"


Day Zonnysuta gave a soft tap on the doors to the inner room of the deep cavern, announcing to her knight, Maya, that she was ready to lead her draklings out. The mother drak had instructed her children for just over a week, making all the aspirants go stir-crazy as they waited to be called to the Deep Cavern. The sunny, cheerful drak had waited for a nice, bright day. The sun was shining, filtering through the leafy canopy around the buildings and creating spots of light and shade. Maya gestured her partner Jesse over and the two of them opened the doors. Zonnysuta was the first to come out, her body obscuring the  draklings, but soon enough, one wiggled out of her mother's shadow and dashed toward the waiting aspirants.
The drakling was brown and green and one ball of boundless, happy energy, bonded quickly.
Zonnysuta harrumphed but let it slide and just gave the remaining four draklings permission to go. Instead of the usual well-paced mind pairing ceremony, the Deep Cavern erupted in chaos as the four draklings all simultaneously moved toward the aspirants. 
Two brown draklings, one with bright white wings, the other with darker, muted brown-silver wings headed for the same corner. But before they could argue, it became clear that they intended to pair different aspirants. 
"My name iss Aiixta, nize to meets ya." the bark-mud female told Katalyn.

trained by Ojua and Wind Karosei
Knight & Transport Training


Aiixta had adjusted to the warm and dry climate of Castle DesCas. Katalyn had opted to return closer to home when the offer had come. Her training as transporter very welcome. To Katalyn it had been a logical way of connecting her old life to her new one. She would still be doing business, just on a slightly larger scale.
Nervous, that same bombshell black-haired beauty wiped her hands to her riding gear. 
"Why am I sweating?" she asked no-one in particular.
"It'sz hot." Aiixta remarked dryly.
"Yeah, but I don't usually sweat like this."
"You don't usually dressss like thiz either."  
"True." Katalyn agreed.
But when her heartrate sped up when a certain well-built knight from her past appeared around the corner, she could no longer deny that present company might have something to do with it. She'd never thought about Servase like this before, but there was something about the former relaxed surfer wearing the knight uniform that made her all hot.
Aiixta followed her knight's gaze and rumbled: "His drak isn't too bad either."

Katalyn and Aiixta joined the Desert Dawn Armada as Transporters
Life Mate: Night Flirtsask

Story - Gertruth - Tanguy - Katalyn - Servase

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