Name: Gertruth
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Description: Gertruth is a sunny blonde woman with pale skin that often burns if she stays out in the sun. She keeps her hair short because she doesn't like to get sticky in the hot climate. She has green eyes and square facial features that give her a stubborn look.
Personality: Gertruth is all but stubborn. She is a total pushover and has a hard time saying no when people ask her something. Which is why she naturally stays in the shadows. She has a tendency to want to please people and to pacify people who are arguing. 
Occupation: Baker, but currently on vacation.

Family: Parents who run a bakery in Darau and 5 siblings (1 sister, 4 brothers).
Pets: Desert Faerie Drak Lev (m) from Acicade Castle
Plant Obdidu (m) from Castle DesCas


Gertruth was taken by Issnidi when she returned. She let out a relieved sigh that she wouldn't have to stay with one of the two men. At least with the two of them together they could keep an eye on each other.
"Were they bothering you?" Mary asked.
"I just want to disappear." Gertruth exhaled and told Mary of her plight.
"It's good I took Katalyn to Acicade then." the knight chuckled, "If you'd like to stay close, I can drop you off at DesCas. Covering up is all the rage and I know the people there are decent. My Issnidi hatched there."
"Thank you, I'd like that." Gertruth told her.


Forest Nahosdi knocked on the door to the Deep Cavern and let the sire of her clutch know that the draklings were ready to head out into the world. Gri´kisdu wasted no time and alerted the officials. The both of them had been at DesCas for the past months and would remain to train some of their draklings before they would return to Savannah Castle. Although the Fire drak was not homesick, he was growing restless and getting away from guard duty and getting back to training would be a relief.
The aspirants were led into the deep cavern; 3 male and 2 female, all but one Icarian. But it wasn't the alien that had Gri´kisdu worried. She was a warrior and would hold her own. No, the fiery sire of the clutch fretted about the long haired chef and the pushover baker. His knight must have caught his mood as she hissed:
"Not all draks and knights must fight."
"But they should at least have the potential." Gri´kisdu insisted, albeit quietly.
Before they could argue more, Nahosdi started to talk. The whispers and chatter dimmed as she welcomed the aspirants and spectators. She then took a step to the side and turned, giving all present a view of the 5 draklings she'd raised. Blue, green and grey subdued colours were plentiful, but a single radiant red fire stood out among the lot of them. 
The full green plant drakling took a few steps forward and looked up as several fairy draks, quite a few belonging to the aspirants, had gotten into a little scuffle above the heads of their respective owners.
The male managed to snatch a desert one as it flew in front of him and deposited the offending fairy back with his owner, Gertruth.
"I do believe this one has impeccable taste, But maybe he needs a little discipline?"
Gertruth grinned despite her very obviously upset pet. She was still feeling a bit scared about being looked at by so many, but something about this drak made her think no-one would get away with badmouthing her ever again.
"He's normally very well behaved, it must be all this excitement."
She gave the plant drakling a questing look and he supplied: "Obdidu."

trained by Marion & Forest Nahosdi (Entertainment)
Knight and Entertainment Training


Gertruth did her best as Marion thought her once again about the way to handle a crowd. Aside from the actual knight training, the knight to the mother of her drak had been teaching her how to be more confident and how to act in a way to make others leave her alone. Progress was slow as some things Marion was teaching her were so contradictory. But apparently they worked as Gertruth did notice a change in how people treated her. 
Or maybe that was Obdidu's influence. Her growing drak had quite the sharp tongue on him and didn't mind giving out a lashing to those who spoke ill of his knight. 
"It'sss only normal for uss to protect each other." Obdidu had told her on many occasions.  
As they trained and grew, their bond grew stronger and they trusted each other blindly. Gertruth would not hesitate if Obdidu told her to jump in the path of danger, and she believed he would do the exact same. Luckily there wasn't much danger about. But maybe that would change as soon they would enter the Desert Dawn Armada. 

Gertruth and Obdidu joined the Desert Dawn Armada
Life Mate: ??? (Tanguy?)

Story - Gertruth - Tanguy - Katalyn - Servase

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