A soft rolling sound filled the dark room. There was one light of a plasma computer screen. That light was enough for Kaleah. She pushed her glasses back as she overlooked the computer screen. Her favourite game, spider solitaire, on what she was addicted, but never be able to admit even in the slightest was what she was playing. She smiled softly as she saw the fireworks on the screen, meaning she cleared it again. On the bottom of the screen, an orange light started to flash with the all known sound meaning somebody had talked to her. She hovered her mouse over the flashing button and clicked it. It was Yone.
“What are you still doing up?” was the message she had send. Both girls had been friends for quite some time. Yone knew Kaleah well enough to know the answer anyway..
“Playing Spider Solitair :p” She posted.
A smiley.. and especially that one was perhaps Kaleah’s favourite one.
“How’s it going?”
“I finished it for the 9th time.. I felt a little bored. I was also reading some manga..”
“You do realise that we have to go on a holliday right?”
“Yeah of course I do. Wait, I’m going to get a drink.. You want something?”
“Yeah could I have some hot chocolate?”
“Sure thing. :p”

About 10 minutes later, Kaleah nocked on the door across from her room. Opening the door, she juggled both the hot chocolate and the cool apple juice. “Here you go Yone.” Looking over her shoulder. “Oh! Which Bleace episode is this?”
“This is the 140th. It’s rather exiting.” She smiled, sipping her hot chocolate milk and continuing watching her anime.
“Oh I think I’ll join in” Kaleah said, picking up a chair and placing it next to Yone. More

“Wake up you guys! Breakfast is ready.” A voice from the bottom of the stairs yelled.
There was some stumbeling sounds and then 2 pairs of small eyes from behind glasses looked at the third party. The third girl grinned at both of them “Stayed up too late?”
Both Kaleah and Yone looked at Kaleah’s younger sister Seanna. Seanna was rather energetic this morning.
“It seems that the world has turned up side down hasn’t it?” She said cheerfully. “Normally I’m the moody one.”
Seanna avoided the dangerous flying pillow and smiled sweetly. “Breakfast anyone?”

 After breakfast, all 3 girls got ready and waited for any sight of the bright coloured car of Tess. Finally she saw the bright green car wobbling over the road towards there house. It stopped right in front of there door with shrieking tires. A bright red haired girl jumped out of the car and waved to the 3 girls standing on the veranda. Tess hugged Seanna and said hi to the other two.
“How was your ride?” Seanna asked her friend
“It was alright, but you know me.. Never saying no to a long ride!” She grinned.
“You do realise you were too late..”
“You were supposed to be here around 9 am.. It’s 9.30..”
Tess rolled her eyes and grinned. “You did know that I was going to be late..”
“Tess.. I did.. We still have time for a quick sip of tea” She winked

 When all 4 girls were in the car and driving for some time now, Tess was yawning behind the weel. “Getting tired Tess?” Seanna asked looking from the passenger seat.
“Me? Never!” She grinned at her friend. “I just didn’t get much sleep.”
“Oh?” Seanna asked, looking at the road. Tess was looking at her so she was worrying a bit.
“Yeah.. Late night watching some DVD’s that I bought the other day.”
“Will you keep your eyes on the road?” Kaleah said with a little panic in her voice from the back seat. Yone and Seanna grinned both. They knew that Kaleah didn’t like Tess driving.. it had something to do with breaking too slow or something. Seanna didn’t really know, and she knew that when Kaleah would give the same comment on her driving, she would be left behind on the side of the road.
“Anyways.. Next turn we have to get off the main road and then we’re almost at the camping site.” Yone said.

 “Uhm I think we’re wrong..” Seanna said as all 4 girls were standing in front of a mansion that looked rather worn down.
“We did follow the description of the rout perfectly, and I’m very proud to say that I drove very well.” Tess grinned as she got a playful push from Seanna
“Well so the brochure was a little wrong..”  Kaleah said, looking at the little brochure in her hand with a picture of a very nice, totally not worn down mansion with a beautiful garden and everything on it.
The truth was that the garden looked more like a jungle, the mansion’s windows were shattered and the paint needed a good redo. If there were any blinds for the window, they were crooked and most weren’t complete.
“Well there goes are vacation..” Seanna said.
“We could make something out of it..” Yone said.
“How? It’s a dump.” Seanna said.
“why won’t we go inside? It might be an optical illusion?” Kaleah said and getting a very strange look from Seanna.
“Were is Tess?” Seanna suddenly asked, looking around and not seeing her friend. She knew it had been to quiet.

Tess loved these old places. Sneaking away from the 3 others, she sniffed the air and decided it was time to go to the back of the house and explore there. She tip toed softly towards the back door and there she saw some footprints in the dust. She glared from one side to the other, making sure she wasn’t surrounded by the enemy, or ghosts.. something like that.” She jumped inside, ready for any karate attack that she never learned. Luckely there wasn’t anybody in what appeared to be the kitchen. Not really paying any attention to the almost movie like background, she followed the footprints and they led her upstairs. They went in a room and she saw some light in there. She sneaked until the door and counted to 3. Again she jumped in a karate style and now she hit something. With a lot of nose and screaming she started banging on whatever she had locked between her legs and her fists.

 “Tess!” Seanna screamed running into the room. In her adrenaline rush, Tess was still banging and screaming. Yone and Kaleah were right behind Seanna. When Seanna had entered the room she had picked up a large branch that she could barely hold, ready to save her friend. Unfortunately she started laughing the moment she had seen the room. Yone and Kaleah were pushed inside the room by 4 strong hands.
“What the hell is going on here?” A low, masculine voice from behind the two girls said.
“Brian are you alright?” Another voice said.
A soft moan came from the guy beneath Tess. Seanna pulled Tess of the poor guy and tried to cool her down. Yone and Kaleah were pushed a bit further in the room and the other guys went to their friend. They helped him up while Tess was calming down.
“Tess what did you do this time?” Seanna said.
“Look.. It wasn’t my faulght. We rented this house.. They have no right to be here. I was exploring..”
Seanna looked at the 3 guys. They looked like 3 brothers.. All had dark wavy hair and brown eyes. But you could see that they were all very different. The tallest one, possibly the oldest one was well build and his arms looked strong. The second brother was more gentle. He looked at the one lying down on the floor and was worried. The first one had an uninterested look in his eyes. The second one also had glasses on and was more fragile. The one now sitting on the dusty floor looked like he was beaten up. His lip was torn and bleeding, he also had a bleeding nose. His hair was standing to all places and his shirt was torn. He stood up and with the help of the second brother, he kept standing up.
“Say you intruders. What are your names?” Tess asked from the back of the room.
The second one started talking. “My name is Flint, and this is Brian” pointing at the brother leaning against him. There was a little silence. Then Flint said: “And this is the antisocial Benn.” He sighed and looked at the girls. All girls said their names except for Tess. She stood there stubbornly in a corner of the old, dusty room with almost no furniture. Seanna nodded at Tess and said “She’s Tess.. Normally very friendly.”

Tess looked outside the window, making sure she made a “hmpf” sound and ignored everybody in the room. Her eyes grew big as she spotted a glimpse of something big. She was about to say something, but kept her mouth shut. She didn’t want the intruders to know. Instead she looked for an escape route. She didn’t feel like spending more time with those guys then necessary. Unfortunately, Seanna leaned towards her and whispered softly: “no way you’re going to leave now.” She smiled softly at Tess and said out loud: “How come you guys are here?”
Flint was again the first to speak. “We rented the house from a brochure that we found in some old pub. It looked like a nice enough place, and the price was good.”
“Yeah, same with us. Look here’s the brochure.” Yone said, getting the brochure from her purse and showing it to Flint. Benn had his arms crossed over his chest, saying: “Great bonding weekend Brother.” Flint looked at him with sadness in his eyes. Brian had recovered from most of the shock. He whispered something in Flints ear. All girls couldn’t really understand anything of what was said, but they couldn’t be bothered really. It was getting darker and colder by the minute. Yone and Kaleah both were about to go to the car and look for some warmer clothing and some food. Tess and Seanna were going to look through the house for some places to sleep and maybe some sheets.
The 3 brothers stayed in that room. Brian turned to Benn. “You could have been more sensitive.” He looked angry.
Flint took his shoulder and tried to stop him. “Look.. Brian.. It’s ok. We’ve come a long way..”
“Uhm.. I’m sorry.” Seanna said from the door of the room. I didn’t mean to disturb you guys.. I just wanted to let you know that we found a room where we can spend the night.. There is room enough for the 7 of us.”
She looked a bit uncomfortable, knowing she had interrupted something important. She smiled uncomfortably and wanted to go away to Yone and Kaleah to help them, but Flint stoped her. “Thanks.” He said softly, smiling friendly. “And don’t worry.”
Seanna turned around, and in stead of going to help Kaleah and Yone, she went to Tess.
“Tess.. There is something going on with those guys.”
“That’s not important.. I saw something when I was looking outside the window…”
“What was it?” Seanna knew that when Tess didn’t listen to her, it was something very important.
“I.. Don’t know.. It was something with scales.. But I only saw a glimpse.” She looked outside the window, but nobody could see anything. The room was lit with a luckily found candlestick and some old matches.
She looked at Seanna and smiled. “No point in worrying. Shall we help those other two addicts of Japanese anime?”

Kaleah picked up the food basked, while Yone was juggling 3 suitcases. “Luckely we brought some warmer clothing.” Yone said.
“Not really.. I didn’t anyway.” Kaleah said shrugging. Kaleah was known for her very hot body temperature.
Yone on the other hand had been wearing 3 layers and soon 2 more were going to follow.
“Hey! Let us help you with that Yone.” Tess said as she and Seanna took some of the cases. Together all girls went to there ‘luxurious room’. When they were in the room, Brian and Flint were in the room.
“Where’s Benn?” Yone asked, entering the room first.
“He didn’t want to sleep with you all. He’s stubbornly sitting in another room, on another floor.” Brian muttered
Seanna, Kaleah and Yone couldn’t really be bothered. Tess on the other hand was a little intrigued by the silent type. Seanna had told her what she had heard, and now Tess wanted to know more.

 Benn was watching outside. He also had seen something outside earlier that evening. He was standing in a dark room that overlooked the garden. He didn’t see anything.
“What are you looking at?”
Benn turned around and saw Tess there. He looked at her from top to bottom and then turned back towards the window.
Tess sneaked beside him and stood next to him, overlooking the garden.
“So..” She said. “What’s up?”
Benn glared at her but said nothing.
Tess yawned. She was tired from the long drive, and although she wanted to know what was going on between the 3 brothers, she also wanted to go to bed and sleep at least a little bit.
“There is always a bed for you as well in that room.” She said, tapped him on the shoulder and left without looking.
He sighed, turned around and walked after Tess. “Don’t think you’ve won.” He said as he passed her stepping inside the lit room.
Tess smiled softly, sitting on the bed, resting her head on a pillow and instantly falling asleep.

 Everybody fell asleep rather easily. It didn’t take long before the candle died out and some dark shadow started to move slowly and silently towards that room. He was constantly communicating with something, but he was alone in the room.
He reached the door and sneaked inside…

 The next morning everybody woke up around the same time. Well Seanna woke up and everybody woke up about 30 seconds later. Seanna had thought she was still in the same room as in wich she went to sleep. In stead she woke up in a nice sunny place, with the soft sound of the ocean and breeze. They weren’t in the same house, in stead they were in an old castle ruin. The others looked sheepishly at her. Seanna was freaked out and ran away towards the sea.

 Getting there she ran onto the beach. In her panic, she didn’t see that there was a guy walking on the beach. The whole beach was rather wide, but she ran into that guy and both of them fell on the soft sand. The guy got up first and looked at the girl. She was lying flat on her back, looking at the sky.
“Are you alright?” The guy asked. He had soft blue eyes and his skin was tanned. He had light blond hair. She looked at him.
“Where am I?” She asked, and as she asked the others came looking for her.
“You’re on Icarus of course.”
“Icarus?” She looked blank. She took the hand that was offered and sat up in the warm sand.
The guy wanted to start explaining everything, but soft beating noises got clearer. A big shadow came from above and it landed close to the group.
“Ah.. This is my drak… And you weren’t supposed to show up yet..”
“Ssshorry.” The drak muttered, but not really feeling bad. 7 pairs of eyes were all looking at him, and he was kind of liking the attention.
“I’m Egan. If you want one of these, you can become an aspirant.” He said, shrugging. He was one of the judges of Savannah castle, but he didn’t really like the same thing over and over again. All those earthlings that looked as if his drak was some kind of prehistoric thingy, but eventually going for one anyways.


Seanna paired at Dawn Castle
Tess paired at Acicade Castle
Yone paired at Acicade Castle
Kaleah paired at DesCas
Brian paired at Chindor Castle
Flint paired at DesCas
Benn paired at Dawn Castle