Name: Servase
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Description: Servase is a young man with cropped sandy brown hair, brown eyes and freckles. He is of medium height and muscled, especially in his upper body, because he swims and rows a lot. His skin is fairly light despite spending a lot of time in the sun. Servase doesn't like to cover up, preferring to feel nature on his skin.
Personality: Servase is relaxed and unconcerned about anything that doesn't involve his own circle in the world. If he wants to take a day off, he will. Others will take over the work or people will pay up to get him to do his work. If the waves are right or the weather is nice he prefers to swim. The word stress is alien to him. If money is tight Servase supplements his income by catching fish to sell. Since he doesn't have a family to support it all works out. 
Occupation: Servase ferries people from Meer to Darau and back.

Family: Parents and older sister living in Meer. They are close but he doesn't need to see them daily.
Pets: Aquarium (adopted at Dawn Castle)
Night Flirtsask (m) from Baskar Castle


Servase never wondered if Issnidi and Mary would reappear. They'd promised and though Tanguy could be a handful, he wasn't a bad guy. Maybe an hour had passed in total, but since it had been afternoon when the entire scuffle started, that meant that evening was now colouring the sky in red and orange.
"I didn't want to suggest it to the others, but I've gotten a request for Baskar Castle too. The place is a bit unstable and it might not be completely safe. I didn't want to send the girls over there but you seem like you'd be able to fend for yourself."
"What about Tanguy? He's a peacekeeper."
"He'd be too rigid for Baskar. I'd imagine a scoundrel would fare better over there."
"Being a pretty boy won't hurt either." Issnidi added. 
"Take me there." Servase said, grinning. 


The few weeks since Kyensa announced that her hatchlings would bond went by quickly. On the day of the Feast, the rain drak was, however, nowhere to be found and the hatchlings were lead into the Hall by their sire, fire Kavsk. There was a bit of grumbling about this - it was traditional for both parents to be present, after all - but many of those in protest were shushed by those who had a good idea of why Kyensa was absent. She had lost her bond - this was not an event in her life she wanted to remember.
As it was, Kavsk arched his neck proudly and - after the energetic hatchlings had settled into a semi decent straight line - announced their names.
"My lord and lady of Drakholm," the fire said. "I present to you Talsask of the earth, Solsksa of mud, Coisksa of the forest, Tisask of plants, Vansksa of water, and Flirtsask of night."
Rune smiled and nodded. "And welcome they are, Kavsk of fire," he said. "Let the feast begin!" With that, the six hatchlings bounded forward and began to meet humans for the first time in their young lives.
The hours rolled by with food, drink and song. Tables were cleared out for dances and the hatchlings mingled with those who had found their way to Drakholm on their own, or had been found by the two remaining seekers within Arvalon. As the merriment died down, Kavsk nudged his now equally tired and excited offspring back to the center where they sat facing the Lord and Lady of Drakholm this time.
Tylar stepped forward and waited for the crowd to die down before speaking. "It is time for you to make your choice," the seeker said. "Come and tell all here who it is you wish to choose so that this Hall bears witness."
The first to step forward was Flirtsask who pushed two of his siblings out of the way before walking right up to Servase. "I choose you," he said and sat down proudly. The young man hesitated, seeming to look around him for a moment in confusion until the night sighed and the young man grinned. People applauded while the new pair made their way to stand behind the five remaining hatchlings.
Servase's name was recorded by Oriana, Drakeholm's resident historian and record keeper and other draks paired, or did not as two of this clutch decided to do. And then it was done. As the Hall settled, Tylar Hardel stood and announced the final choices of the draks present. He then returned to his wife and two children while the Hall returned to the final celebrations that would no doubt last until the early morning hours before life at Drakholm would resume its normal activity.

trained by Theo and Night Argeloos 
Knight Training


Servase had returned to Castle DesCas early as people at Drakholm were still working in the shadows. He couldn't care less, he had a drak and was heading home for training. 
"What's the desert like?" Flirtsask asked.
"I lived on one of the islands, I honestly think it might be like one big beach. Although without the water that might not be as fun. So hurry and grow up so we can fly to the sea to go swimming." Servase joked.
"I'll do my best." Flirtsask vowed.
The young night drak was always helpful and thoughtful, thinking of others. it was maybe due to the intelligence that was innate to all night draks that made Flirtsask so considerate. He might be small, but he had a big heart for others. Not least of which his rider.
"Remember to enjoy your life too." Servase said, "The sea will always be there."
"Will I meet your friends?" Flirtsask asked.
"You might." Though Servase wouldn't call all of them friends, he was hoping to see some familiar faces.

Servase and Flirtsask joined the Desert Dawn Armada
Additional personality traits: Clear-headed, Helpful and Thoughtful
Life Mate: Bark Aiixta

Story - Gertruth - Tanguy - Katalyn - Servase

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