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Name: Taahira
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: Taahira is average in height and size. She has dark brown hair, a tanned complexion and deep caramel brown eyes. She enjoys wearing frilly dresses and flowing shawls in all vibrant colours that exist.  
Personality: Taahira is an optimist and someone who lives life to the fullest. During the day she works in the family store, but at night she makes sure she has fun. She tries to make her dreams come true by her own power. 
Family: Brother Maimoun
Hobbies: Dancing, storytelling
Skills: Glass Blowing

Pets: Fire Faerie Drak Forge (m) from Savannah Castle 


The Hatching
People hurried down to the relative cool of the Deep Cavern where Water Nishi had announced that her draklings had hatched. She was still holed up in the room, the door closed while she named her children and told them whatever a drak mother told her newborn children. Humans had never witnessed that moment so it was anyone's guess.  
Meanwhile the aspirants were brought in. Three women and four men stood waiting. All had been judged across Icarus though two of them had come from a different worl and had appeared on Icarus by presumably magical means. Haile, a young aspiring medical student and Flint a somewhat geeky man with glasses still felt a bit out of their element waiting for the draklings to come out. The other five were born and raised on Icarus. Taahira, dressed in her usually brightly coloured garments, looked excited, while Maira was determined to make it this time and earn her her father's respect. Leed, who wanted to stay close to Maira, had come from the new Yavier Castle and was looking to pair a drak to flesh out their ranks. Edvard then was a courier and mountaineer who wanted a companion and Ennio was a chef in training who'd wound up judged somehow while around Castle DesCas. 
Finally, when night was approaching, the doors to the Deep Cavern opened and Water Nishi led her 5 draklings out. They followed her in a neat line of awkward baby cute, with wingsails tangling and the odd tripping over their own feet but the small parade managed to reach the spectators without much trouble.
"You have been judged by ourss." Nishi spoke, "But it isz them that will do the final judging."
The last drakling, a female green and brown forest, scurried across the room and put her head on Taahira's hand, sniffing at the scents of her many shawls. Picking up sand, sea and fire, the smells from the Glassblowing shop.
"My name is Allayahi." she happily chirped.
Nishi and Defaya bowed to the new squires who'd paired their offspring and wished them well as they all made their way to the waiting buffet where the new pairs mingled with the available trainers, forming their first alliances. Some would stay, most would move across Icarus but they'd stay together at DesCas for a little while longer. 

Trainer: Tatar & Plant Xaokiki (Diplomatic Training) 


Allayahi went around the armada and spoke to all draks present. She took her training as a diplomat seriously but generally just made small-talk with the resident knights to gauge their level of satisfaction and happiness. Most knight pairs were local and knew where to go when they wanted a new challenge or some time off to recuperate. Still Allayahi planted some seeds where she felt they were needed.
Alongside her, Taahira was doing much the same, speaking to the human part of the knight pairs and helping them relax and open up to her suggestions. Today Taahira and Allayahi were doing their job in the Desert Light Armada, the armada they had only recently joined. And they had one last pair to check.
Taahira smiled happily when she saw Dahmura, stonefaced and stern like usual, and his earth drak Hyalos return from their own patrol task. She waved and Allayahi gave a welcoming call.
Not much later Hyalos pranced toward them, nuzzling his mate when he reached her.
"Id say he's happy." Dahmura joked because he knew Taahira would have to report that.
"And what about you kind sir?" She smirked.
"That depends. Do we have anything planned tonight?"
"I can arrange diner." Taahira said, "And maybe dancing or would you prefer to stay in?"
"Let me tell you after dinner." Dahmura decided and followed her to their joint rooms. 

Taahira and Forest Allayahi joined the Desert Light Armada at DesCas.
Allayahi found a life mate in Earth Hyalos


Lantessama Isle