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Name: Dahmura
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Appearance: Dahmura is a stoic desert tribesman. He is taller than average, with dark hair and dark piercing eyes. He usually wears black robes and scowls a lot. At first glance he looks quite threatening.  
Personality: Dahmura has led a hard life and he knows it. He feels most other people are soft and won't be able to withstand disaster. Because of his spartan upbringing he can make do with very little but he is very attached to his sense of freedom. Being able to come and go as he pleases is what's most important to him.
Family: He might have some distant relatives in the desert tribe.
Hobbies: Dahmura seldomly takes time off work, but when he does he usually goes out for drinks and sleeps in. 
Skills: Strength, fighting, protection.

Pets: None. 


The Hatching
As usual the day was pleasantly warm at Dawn, with a light breeze cooling down the stone-covered area that led to the sheltered deep cavern. It had rained that morning, and the area around the castle seemed to be caught in a fog that made the stories about pirates and bloodshed all the more believable. Of course, since Raf had taken up the rule of Dawn Castle, more than one pirate had come to land. In fact, two of the resident aspirants were pirates. Other than that there were a few delegates from the other castles and some offworld travellers that had arrived by some unknown magical means. Nobody really cared about that, it had happened before. 
Once everyone had gathered, the heavy doors to the deep cavern opened and the two draks strode out, each accompanied by her draklings. They settled on opposite sides of the door. Meyanal waited patiently as Kuniri strode forward and started calling a name. The drak mothers took turns and Dahmura watched as each drakling paired with one of the aspirants.
Meyanal let her last remaining drakling crawl in front and called his name: "Hyalos. Be steadfast and sure in all your decisions." 
The little white and brown drakling looked up at his mother and nodded solemnly before walking over to the desert tribesman who'd fought more battles than he would admit to and went to stand quietly by his side.
With all aspirants and draklings paired, the crowd gave a final applause and the cheers lasted longer now as onlookers and family members swarmed around the new pairs to wish them luck and hear their stories and expectations. High Prince Raf gestured for the food to be brought around, knowing all those pirates would get rowdy without some food and drink to keep them entertained. Meanwhile Xander let in the trainers and some experienced riders to introduce them to the squires. Tomorrow morning they'd start training but tonight was for dreaming and being merry.

Trainer: Gunnar & Desert Phakios (Fighting)


Dahmura returned to Castle DesCas where Taahira had paired her own drakling, though since she'd had to wait a bit longer than him, she was still training. Returning to DesCas had always been the plan for Dahmura, even regardless of his growing feelings for the bright and vibrant woman. There was just something about the desert that eased his mind and calmed his blood. It was the place where he needed to be.
"I hope you don't mind the sun." Dahmura told Hyalos as they touched down.
"I'm pretty sure I'm reflective."
the recently matured drak told his knight.
"You can blind our adversaries then."
"I shall do so with brilliance." Hyalos deadpanned.

Dahmura and Earth Hyalos joined the Desert Light Armada at DesCas.
Hyalos found a life mate in Forest Allayahi


Lantessama Isle