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Name: Maimoun
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Appearance: Maimoun has tanned skin, brown eyes and dark hair which he keeps to about shoulder length. He is of average built. Maimoun usually wears white or light-coloured robes with a sash at his waist. An extra shawl might be added for colour and protection against the sun. 
Personality: Maimoun is serious and loyal. He is a hard worker and overall dependable. He will do anything for his friends (aside from breaking the law). He can keep a secret and will always try to reason out the motives behind other people's behaviours.
Family: sister Taahira
Hobbies: Relaxing with a good book in a cool place
Skills: Glass Blowing

Pets: Day Faerie Drak Sunshine (f) from Acicade Castle 


The Hatching
Weather at Acicade had been pleasant. The sun's rays were getting warmer, the trees had started sprouting new leaves and just about everyone in and around the castle was feeling the blessings of the coming spring. It was in these promising times that Forest Waikiki's clutch hatched and that the aspirants were called to the deep cavern. The sheltered room with one wall completely made of glass-in-lead was awash with colours as the sun shone through the different coloured panes. Stinga and Phiol, knights to the two draks that ha parented this clutch, stood outside the doors, guarding the mother and her draklings. Zoriyn, the sire of the clutch, seemed calm but his eyes scanned everyone who entered. But the dark mud drak needn't have worried as no strangers appeared to be present. 
The aspirants were guided to a small space in front and to the side of the benches for the spectators. Forest Waikik had announced four eggs, but when she walked out, 6 draklings followed her. In the bright light of the day the colours of the draklings weren't a mystery. Green and Brown colours were prominently present but among those a single day drakling stood out. The playful male couldn't contain his excitement as he swooshed right past his mother and headed straight for the female drak that had come from the stars. A plant male and forest female followed suit after their mother had properly introduced them to the world. Forest Waikiki seemed to give each of her children some life advice.
Three dragons remained behind Waikiki and all of them were coloured in shades of brown. Two of them seemed particularly close and seemed to act in a similar way. The two of them had in fact hatched from the same egg. Because of that they were on the smaller side but with proper care they would not stay small. Waikiki saw the strength of her mate in them and knew that they too would head straight for their dreams. She wished to caution them to not forget that there was more to life than work and duty. 
"My twin ssonss Menkiyn and Liekiyn, follow your hearts as much as your minds and find those people and things that you truly love, starting with your knights." 
The lighter, tan-coloured Menkiyn headed for the white-haired Malina. The darker, brown Liekiyn headed for Maimoun, the serious glass artisan from around Castle DesCas and said: 
"I'm Liekiyn, I will join you." 
"Even if joining me means you'll have to leave this forest behind?" Maimoun asked. 
He had come to like the abundance of trees and shade the forest offered, but he had pledged to return to Castle DesCas and he would keep that promise. 
"DesCasss iszn't that far away." Liekiyn insisted, he'd been told where all the aspirants were from and in truth Maimoun was probably the one who would remain closest to home.


"Touch down on that open spot to the right!" Maimoun called.
Liekiyn gave a slight nod with his head and angled himself to land on the indicated spot. It was a bit to the side of the main landing flat but seeing as the Castle seemed to be busy today, Liekiyn agreed that landing a bit further out would be best for them. No use in antagonising some of the older draks who would become his senior in the armada. 
Within minutes a slender night drak appeared on the horizon and headed their way. On top of her was the slight form of Rahma. They hadn't seen each other in years but she'd hardly changed.
"It's good to see you." she grinned.
"I'm glad to be back, although all those trees sure were nice."
"Don't get me started about the sea and a pleasant ocean breeze." Rahma retorted.
Beside them, their draks were getting acquainted as well. Even if some knights formed a connection, it was possible that their draks did not follow the same route. Only time would tell whether Diawha and Liekiyn would mate. First they'd both need to get settled and join one of the three main armadas that protected DesCas and it's neighbouring lands. 
One step. Maimoun thought. One step at a time. 

Maimoun and Liekiyn joined the Desert Light Armada at DesCas.
Liekiyn found a life mate in
Night Diawha


Lantessama Isle