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Name: Rahma
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: Rahma is slender and smaller than average for a woman. She has a well-proportioned body but still often gets mistake for a child. She had blond hair, a fair complexion and violet eyes.  
Personality: Rahma is smart. At times she can have a short fuse but she never stays angry for long. She believes in second chances but will also expect to get them. Since she grew up the daughter of a peacekeeper, she's been taught martial arts so she could defend herself.
Family: parents and 2 younger sisters.
Hobbies: playing with children, she loves to teach
Skills: fine detail work on jewelry

Pets: Dingbat (Pruts from Acicade


The Mind Pairing
The aspirants were led in. Aside from Rahma there was Jaisukh, the darkskinned scout with the sandy braid. They were proud and solitary but certainly strong and able, and Ac, the blonde medieval warrior from earth. Ac and Rahma's pets seemed to be as impatient as Lixue, Wind Feounha's knight, was herself because the spider and pruts looked like they were ready to munch on each other. 
Finally, after what felt like eons but was honestly only half an hour, the doors opened and Feounha led out her draklings. There were three, not an unusual amount for a first clutch, but clearly the mother's bond had aimed for more judging by her annoyed expression.  
Feounha raised her head and stretched her wings. She looked at her offspring and proudly called out: "Diawha."
A female dark as night with bright golden wings took a step forward. She stretched her hind legs one by one and then carefully made her way toward Rahma.
"My name isz Diawha." she said, nodding her head.


Rahma remained at Dawn Castle's pleasant locale until Diawha finished her training and grew into her adult size. Her night drak was a sleek beauty with dark skin, long limbs and wavy golden-coloured hair. Her brightly coloured wingsails contrasted her hide and pulled the attention of those near her. Most night draks had a regal air about them and that was certainly true for Diawha as well. 
But Diawha had no interest in getting higher up. She was quite content to be a guard, keeping the things she loved safe while having the time to pursue those fields of study she found interesting. And today she had a clear request for her knight:
"Rahma, we should rheturn to DezCasss."
"Don't you want to stay a little longer? It's paradise around here." Rahma sighed as she enjoyed her fruity long drink.
"I thought you'd be happy to return home." her drak winked.
"Oh I am, but I don't want you to feel pressured. I've heard from Dahmura that both Taahira and Maimoun are still training so we don't have to hurry."
"But I want to learn more about the desert that is your home."
Rahma's eyes grew distance as she thought of her home environment. 
"It's quite sandy," she sighed, "you need to cover up to keep from getting burnt. Oh but the sunsets and sunrises are out of this world. And the sky at night over all the sand is endless and filled with millions of stars. We've a lot of lights hanging from our homes so we can enjoy the cooler temperatures..."
"See, I think it's best you show me these things." Diawha concluded.
"I guess I do miss it. But we should definitely come back here to relax at times."
"I do like to swim." Diawha agreed. 

Rahma and Night Diawha joined the Desert Light Armada at DesCas.
Diawha found a life mate in Mud Liekiyn


Lantessama Isle