Name: Tatar
Age: 21
Gender: male

Description: Tatar has recently begun to establish a name for himself in the world of acting. His clever tongue and pleasant voice have helped him get a lot of different roles, but it's his handsome features that have stolen the heart of the audience. His brown hair is soft and shiny, his green eyes can sparkly with joy, burn with passion or break with grief making up for his lack of experience. He's earnest and easy to understand. Most people love him for his charm, but his true friends love him for his keen sense of humour.
Family: Tatar is the middle child in a farming family. He left home to pursue his career.

Pets: --
Drak: Plant Xaokiki (m) from Castle DesCas


At noon, the castle vibrant and lively with the sounds and smells of lunch, Lilith announced the people in the canteen that Tebanaki's clutch was hatching. About an hour later aspirants, staff and inhabitants of DesCas had all finally gathered outside of the deep cavern. The cool water of it's indoor fountain chimed pleasantly but did not help soothe the tension in the air.
When the door swung open and the black-gold Tebanaki appeared everyone held their breath. In the silence that followed only the tapping of little claws on stone floor could be heard as 24 little feet set foot in the room. The six draklings sat down in front of their mother in one neat row.
Tebanaki's fifth drakling, an ore, turned out to be male and he took his sweet time looking over the remaining two aspirants, two actors from one of the villages around Descas. Much to the dismay of his plant brother who got held back by his mother when he tried to cut in.
Finally he stood up and stepped towards Bearn, the older of the two. Well-manicured and finely clothed the man did look on top of his game.
"My name is Genkiki." the ore said, "it'll be a pleasure to work with you."
It was finally the plant drak's turn and he could barely contain himself when he ran more than walked toward Tatar. Swishing his tail in dismay he uttered in a quiet voice, "I understand my mother when she said a true man lets a woman go first, but why did I have to wait for my brother when he's indecisive anyway?"
"Does that mean you would've rather paired Bearn?" Tatar asked slyly.
"Such a boring man? No way, at least with you I'll have fun."
This comment caused disapproving looks from several knights to be turned on the duo.

Trained by Quinn and Mud Evanderi
(Knight Training)


Running through his usual speaking exercises, Tatar had started his morning routine as usual. But his morning wouldn't stay usual for much longer. A knock sounded on the door and as the former actor went to open it he could hear the voice of the High Prince and Princess outside.
"Good morning your highnesses. To what do I owe the honour for your visit?"
"See, he's perfect." High Prince Zander told his wife.
"But we still need to ask for his permission, dear." Marysia retorted.
"Permission?" Tatar tried.
Zander coughed and said: "We've known for a long time that there are worlds aside of our own. For one thing, there is the history that tells we came from another place. And then there's Breeze who is somewhat of an enigma herself. Lately more of these strangers to our world are appearing and through some of them we've made a connection to a group of people that call there interconnected worlds the Nexus. They have a city where ambassadors can go to live, meet and generally advertise their worlds."
"And we wondered if you'd like to be Icarus' face." Marysia ended.
Tatar waited for a bit and thought.
"But surely I am not important enough for that. Shouldn't one of the High Princes or Princesses take that job?" Or maybe one of the judges. They'd be wonderful to steer people our way."
"Ah, but therein lies the problem. We need a person who can hold their own in a discussion, who is diplomatic and eloquent and who would be able to make decisions by himself. Indeed the rulers of the castles could take up the job but they're far too busy for that." Marysia answered.
"Not all of the judges are that friendly to people. And most won't like a desk job." Zander continued.
"But you are all the things we could hope for." Marysia added.
"Not to mention you have a sense of humour." Zander noted.
"And you're famous enough that most people from other castles have not vetoed you." Marysia ended.
The two rulers fell silent and watched the actor. Honestly, the prospect of a job where he'd use his skills for the greater good was appealing. He'd be able to travel and perform, just in a different sort of setting.
"I'll have to ask Xaokiki." Tatar decided. 
"I don't mind travel." the plant drak who'd been close by said.
"You wouldn't mind leaving Icarus?"
"It's not like we won't be here on occasion." Xaokiki shrugged, "And I like seeing you perform."

Tatar and Xaokiki joined the Desert Light Armada as Knights. 
Tatar gained the title ambassador for nexus work.
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Story - Bearn

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