Name Marion Turein
Siblings Half brother Shean
Place in "Lyfayanma" bassist and backing vocal 
Personality Marion can go on for days before even feeling a bit worn out. She loves music, and gets her strength from that. 
Next to playing in the band, she does some modern dancing and she's a green belt in karate.
And after all those things, she has some time left for school. She doesn't really like school, but knows that she needs to get some sort of diploma to become something later on in her life. 
She is 19 years old, and is in her last year of high school. (her birthday was in January)

Name Nahosdi
Place of hatching Castle Dun Keiba
Age Egg
Personality Very bright and shiny. She is a stomach with paws

All three of them moved simultaneous to another part of the room. All around people got out of the way of the rushing new draks as they made their way to, surprisingly, the food tables.
Picking up the spilled food, the forest female was the first to look up. Licking her muzzle she butted Marion and said: 
"I wassss sssso hungry, I thought you wouldn't mind to wait a bit longersh."

"Of course not, Nahosdi." Marion answered, "I think you still have quite a bit of room in there." slowly patting her draks belly, Marion tapped a simple rhythm, "Yup, a whole lot of space if you sound this hollow." 
"Guilty." the forest grinned.
"That makes me feel kind of good, you came to me first. Let's go back."

Nahosdi loved Marion as she played bass. The drak told her bond that it was just the most wonderful feeling in her empty belly. Marion patted the belly then and tickled it. Perhaps that was why Nahosdi loved it so much. 
But Nahosdi was Marions number one fan. And She would scream BIS at every ending of a concert they gave.

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