Welcome to Dawn Castle!
When you enter the main courtyard of Dawn Castle, you wonder where you ended up. Pink flowers, with some red and white in them surround the place. There are a few fountains, in Roman style, and casually placed benches near those fountains.
On one of the benches there are two men. One with black hair and light blue eyes, the other with light blue hair and black eyes. You hesitantly walk towards them. When they see you, the man with the blue eyes and black hair turns bright red and starts to giggle like a girl.
"Welcome" He says "I'm Raf. High Prince of this castle. And this here is Xander. High Prince of this castle as well, and my life partner!" Raf looks madly in love towards his partner.
"Welcome." The other one says.
You nod towards both of them. Thinking that it's just too much.
"Are you here for aspiration?" Raf asks.
You doubt that you will last longer than 5 minutes here, but you smile gently towards him.
Xander, a little bit jealous, guides you away and shows you around.


01/07/2022 Parixha's clutch hatched and Water Parixha has secluded herself in the deep cavern. The Mind Pairing is scheduled to happen around the turn of the year. 

Happy New Year! Feounha's clutch hatched with her knight's blessings and Forest Parixha has taken up the deep cavern with a new clutch. 


Two clutches hatched at once. Visit the Archives to read all about it. 
Wind Feounha has taken up the deep cavern. Clutch is open for aspirants and scheduled to hatch at the end of december. 


Forest Kuniri and her mate Plant Decalan have a clutch in the deep cavern. Clutch is open for aspirants and is scheduled to hatch at the end of june. 


The first clutch hatched! Visit the archives :)


I decided to keep open 3 castles, clutches will happen on a rotational basis. So we start with Dawn, After that hatches we'll move to Acicade and finally to DesCas before starting over. I'll try to hatch every clutch within 2 months so that means 2 clutches per castle per year. If no aspirants come, the clutch will remain open for the next turn in the rotation. If there are aspirants the clutch will hatch regardless of how many there are.