"Stylishly decorated, and the finest sand on Icarus is gathered here for our eggs." Raf says very proudly. 
You feel the sand and have to admit that it feels very good to the skin.
"We have to give the best for our eggs here." Raf added.

A fierce warrior lady nearly denies you access to the general area though the high princes had told you that it was okay to come there. The woman looks menacing though, with long black hair and narrow eyes.
"Halt!" she roars.
You stop in your tracks, frozen.
"No-one can disturb Water Qiklenar and her knight Ruth."
In the background, a large mud dragon stands guard at the door that leads to the room where the eggs are kept. He makes a noise somewhere between a sigh and a snort and adds:
"But you're welcome to add your name to the list of aspirants. It's over there."

Rules & Form

Useful information about the curent clutch:
Water Qiklenar & Mud Loerisph are the proud parents of this clutch.
male draks will have a name ending with "- arph"
female draks will have a name ending with "- phar"
There are curently 3-5 eggs on the sands. You can send in aspirants, the clutch is scheduled to hatch at the end of december 2022. 


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