Spring Cleaning and       
            Foolish Dancing


Philip and Rhean still stood where they had placed themselves at the beginning of the naming and pairing ceremony. Giving a sympathetic smile to Rhean, Phiol opened his mouth to say that there had been a lot of aspirants for the two small clutches that had been around, only to be interrupted by a white-blue drak entering the deep cavern area with a row of draklings following her like they were attached with a rope. 
"Rhean, look!" he called as the first of the baby draks disattached herself from the line.
The small drak was the same colouration as her mother, white with blue and two big beautiful eyes that looked at only one aspirant left in the cavern.
"You you you!" The little Wind cried. "I am Umynri!"
Phiol watched Rhean laugh, lighting up her face, and making her look like her sister for a single moment, before the seriousness took place on her face again. Still chuckling from what the drakling told her she left to feed her new companion with a wave and a heads up for Phiol.
Not to be outdone of course, a Mud male walked sedately up to Phiol who wasn't really paying attention to the cavern and the draklings until the mud was nearly completely upon him. 
"Thossse two will need to be watched," said the drak. "We can do it, I am Zoriyn."
"Thanks, I think we'll need to start soon..." Phiol announced.

Stinga waited impatiently for Phiol and his drak to appear. It had been four long years in which they'd only been able to see each other - and the rest of the family - for short visits in between training and jobs. The entire family had promised to ask to join one of the DesCas armadas so they would meet up eventually. 

Not too long ago she'd heard from one of the high Knights that a new transfer was coming in, a male knight from Dun Keiba. Stinga just knew it was Phiol. Sure there was a slight chance that it would be someone else, but she only knew one man that had gone to Dun keiba and had promised to return to her. 
And when finally Phiol and his drak Zoriyn appeared from a portal above Castle DesCas, Stinga could not stay on the ground. With her forest drak Waikiki, she flew toward her lover and greeted him in the air.
"Finally!". she called, "What took you so long?"
"Looking after your sister." he grinned, "You know how she is."
"That I do." Stinga nodded, "Is she coming?"
"In a few days. But enough about your sister. I want to talk about you, about us."
Stinga blushed and guided Phiol to the landing flat where they both landed safely and quickly dismounted to embrace with a tight hug.
"I missed you." Stinga sighed.
"Same here."
On the landing flat, their draks were getting acquainted and like their knights, their personalities matched. Waikiki was already rubbing her head against Zoriyn's and the male drak did not try to get away. The low rumble that came from him foretold that he would not let another touch his green-brown drak-lady.  

Phiol and Zoriyn joined the Desert Dusk Armada as knights
Life Mate: Forest Waikiki

Mud Faerie Drak Zoar (m)
Pet adopted at Chindor Castle


The Knight

Name Phiol Pioen
Age 17 (at pairing), 21 as knight
Gender Male
Appearance Phiol at 17 is not as tall as his twin Philip, but still average of heigth (just kind of short among the Pioen men). He has blong hair and brown eyes.
Thoughts Phiol is a lot shyer and more serious than his twin Philip, always getting dragged into things his brother conceives. There is only one thing Phiol would change about himself, and that's the sleeptalking he so often does, blurting out his secrets where the ears of his ever watchful brother can hear them.
Family: Phiol is one of the Pioen twins. He and his brother Philip are the middle children of a family with four sons.
Phiol will soon be getting engaged to Stinga.

The Drak

Name Zoriyn
Age Drakling
Gender Male
Appearance A sturdy Mud Drak
Thoughts All about keeping an eye on his sister Wind Umynri, and of course getting to know all these interesting people Phiol thinks about in his mind.
Family Parents: Cephari and Gwaelyn/ Khymelyn
Lifemate: Forest Waikiki
Paired at Dun Keiba

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