Spring Cleaning and       
            Foolish Dancing


At noon, the castle vibrant and lively with the sounds and smells of lunch, Lilith announced the people in the canteen that Tebanaki's clutch was hatching. About an hour later aspirants, staff and inhabitants of DesCas had all finally gathered outside of the deep cavern. The cool water of it's indoor fountain chimed pleasantly but did not help soothe the tension in the air.
When the door swung open and the black-gold Tebanaki appeared everyone held their breath. In the silence that followed only the tapping of little claws on stone floor could be heard as 24 little feet set foot in the room. The six draklings sat down in front of their mother in one neat row.
Tebanaki nudged the first one, a forest female, to take a step forward. After a first hesitant moment the forest just dashed to the one she wanted. Instinctively she had known that Stinga was the one for her.
"My name is Waikiki." she said, "Want me to show you my wings?"
"Ok." Stinga said hesitating, "Do you want some food?"
"Yes please!"

Trained by Darapti and Rain Aosihari
Knight & Judge Training

Stinga waited impatiently for Phiol and his drak to appear. It had been four long years in which they'd only been able to see each other - and the rest of the family - for short visits in between training and jobs. The entire family had promised to ask to join one of the DesCas armadas so they would meet up eventually.
Not too long ago she'd heard from one of the high Knights that a new transfer was coming in, a male knight from Dun Keiba. Stinga just knew it was Phiol. Sure there was a slight chance that it would be someone else, but she only knew one man that had gone to Dun keiba and had promised to return to her.
And when finally Phiol and his drak Zoriyn appeared from a portal above Castle DesCas, Stinga could not stay on the ground. With her forest drak Waikiki, she flew toward her lover and greeted him in the air.
"Finally!". she called, "What took you so long?"
"Looking after your sister." he grinned, "You know how she is."
"That I do." Stinga nodded, "Is she coming?"
"In a few days. But enough about your sister. I want to talk about you, about us."
Stinga blushed and guided Phiol to the landing flat where they both landed safely and quickly dismounted to embrace with a tight hug.
"I missed you." Stinga sighed.
"Same here."
On the landing flat, their draks were getting acquainted and like their knights, their personalities matched. Waikiki was already rubbing her head against Zoriyn's and the male drak did not try to get away. The low rumble that came from him foretold that he would not let another touch his green-brown drak-lady. 

Stinga and Waikiki joined the Desert Light Armada as Judges
Life Mate: Mud Zoriyn

Day Faerie Drak Treon (m)
Pet adopted at Chindor Castle


The Knight

Name Stinga Viooltje
Age 16 (at pairing), 20 at knighthood
Gender Female
Appearance Stinga at 16 is likely the prettiest of the three sisters. She has long blond hair and bright green eyes that sparkle when she smiles.
Thoughts Stinga is a child of nature. She enjoys being around animals and plants and has more than once expressed the need to get a faerie drak, but never got around to it until now. She is shy at first contact, but also adventurous and openminded once you know her.
Family: Stinga is the youngest of the three Viooltje sisters. She will soon be engaged with Phiol.

The Drak

Name Waikiki
Age Adult
Gender Female
Appearance A fragile-looking brown forest drak with wavy green manes.
Thoughts Waikiki likes to show off. She's happy about what she's learned after all.
Family Parents: Night Tebanaki & Plant Landeki
Lifemate: Mud Zoriyn
Paired at Castle DesCas

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