Dragon Tears was an adoption agency located on the nearby planet Cyatri. The agency was founded as a secret military project, but after set-up all contact with earth faltered and the growing population on Cyatri found themselves entering a new era, an era of open borders and active searching for candidates to bond to the dragons in the various habitats.
Dragon Tears has closed down. But do enjoy the sights, read a record or the history. Adopt a pet or try to find our evil little mascot Quaihd lurking on the site. If you see his green eyes and click on them you'll get some extras :)

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The Mountain Clutch hatched ^_^

The two water clutches grew to adulthood today.
The ghost clutch is scheduled to hatch tomorrow, watch your mailboxes ;)

The Clutch at Kethoda Isle hatched ^_^ 
New eggs were harvested for the Hoorn Cliffs and Cohuchi Bay.

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