Records: Deadly Mountains Wild 1
Salla Rohan smiled encouragingly at the candidates. The four of them were standing in a square-formation around the eggs, or maybe a circle, with only four people it was hard to tell.
The five of them, the candidates and Salla, had been standing there for fifteen minutes, ever since the eggs had begun shaking. Though the candidates were still fixed on the cream-coloured ovals, Salla was starting to get bored. She would never show it and kept smiling to the candidates, but inside she was elsewhere.
Salla’s mind wandered from the slowly increasing flow of candidates from other planets to the new dragons that had been hatching all around Cyatri. That thought led her straight back to the four eggs before her. Sighing, she shook her head and smiled, she never had been good at daydreaming. To keep her mind entertained she went over her batch of candidates again. She had studied their files and talked to each of them.
The first was a beautiful young woman from a planet they had gotten more candidates from lately. Though she was highly revered for her wisdom and looks at home, Salla had not seen anything out of the ordinary about her. She seemed to be just like any other young woman, a bit more confident and expressive maybe.
The second, Daredan, was an older caretaker from Taradash Enclave. Though he had denied needing a vacation, a chance to do nothing but walk through the mountains had done him more good than he would admit.
The third was another young woman, also outgoing, not-easily feared, but despite those two qualities she seemed to faint a lot. One time, when Salla had seen Enid go over the files she had heard the psychologist mutter something about the girl being ‘hysteric’ and then the talking had gone off to fairytale endings and princes on white horses.
And last, a dragon stood inside the cave at the very highest of the plateau-mountain range. Nijiroth was his name and he was a darkling-dawn born dark-rainbow. He had been sponsored out to Cy where he had been tested by means of flitter eggs. Nijiroth’s two flitters were flying around happily at that very moment. Salla had given up trying to follow their antics.
Salla yawned, checked her watch and saw that they had been standing there for 25 minutes. But suddenly Nijiroth launched into a deep singing. Startled by the sound, Salla watched the eggs and saw that they were moving faster. Within seconds the first hatchling sat on the sands. The young dragoness was soon joined by two more females and a male. All of them were coloured in the greys of the mountains, ranging from a pale white-grey to a dark, almost black slate colouring. But on closer look, two of them had a faint sheen on their hair and wings.
It was one of these that made her move first. The black-purple mountain female looked up, straight in the eyes of Direnga. The young girl was still somewhat shaken from her time away from the world and her feelings about Angun, who had caused all of her troubles were ambivalent, but her feelings now did not leave room for doubt.
“Jenda?” she asked.
”That’s my name.” The dragoness said, “So, where will we end up?”
”I don’t know…”
“Doesn’t really matter,” she shrugged, “I’m happy now.”
The second dragon, the white-grey male, stepped quietly toward Daredan and sat down beside him.
“So you need a vacation?” he asked.
“They think I do, Tendrif.” Daredan answered, “But I know better.”
“You can always take a vacation caring for me.” Tendrif nudged, “Walking is good for the heart, and I need to build up strength to fly.”
“Walk before you run.” Daredan petted his dragon, “We’ve got time.”
Two females were left on the sand, one was a grey mountain with dark hair, the other a black mountain with a blue sheen to her hair. The two of them looked at each other as if they were quietly conversing which one of them was going to move first.
Finally the grey-black moved first, to Glory.
“Hello Glory, my name is Simmu.”
“You’re very beautiful Simmu.” Glory said, “I hope you are also intelligent enough not to rely on it.”

The dragoness looked at Glory for a moment before she finally spoke with a careful voice: “I am not out of the ordinary among my species, you might think so, but beauty is not as important among my kind. I suppose that is why you came here. To get away from it all.”
She then returned to being quiet, waiting for Glory to respond. But the woman remained quiet, most likely thinking over her answer very carefully.
Now the last female got up, winking at Nijiroth. Her black skin shone velvet-like in the firelight. She let out a happy little sound and said: “I am Silke. Do you think we will be right for each other?”
“Time will tell, but I’m pretty sure we can be friends.” Nijiroth said.
“At least we match.” The female said, rubbing her black body against the adult dragon’s dark skin, “That’s a start.”
“I thought beauty did not matter.” Nijiroth laughed, remembering the words of Silke’s sister.
“It doesn’t, but great sense of style helps form a bond.”
Grinning, Nijiroth led his new bond out to the plateau where the adult mountains were waiting. They were anxiously awaiting the four new members of their tribe. Each of the hatchlings got cheered when they left the safety of the cave and for the first time stepped to the outside, trying not to feel the cold of the wind and to be brave in front of the eyes of their elders.



Bond Mate
(black-purple) Jenda F



(black-blue) Silke F



(grey-black) Simmu F



(white-grey) Tendrif M



Pick Up:
Jenda - Hatchling, Adult
Silke - Hatchling, Adult
Simmu - Hatchling, Adult
Tendrif - Hatchling, Adult