The beating of water against land becomes louder as you near the cliffs of Cyatri's main continent. You close your eyes and enjoy the sea breeze that's playing with your hair. Asriel, who picked you up from the ferry and is now taking you to the crescent-shaped beach in a small canoe, smiles at you and talks about a million things. You're not listening to any of them.
"Duck!" the young man suddenly yells, but it is too late. In a panicked reaction you jump out of the boat and feel the current pull at you toward the open sea. Strong claws grab you by your clothes as you hear a soft voice in your head: "Silly human. Where do you want to go?" You look over your shoulder and see a cliff dragon, a flutter of butterflies hovering behind his tail. "Do you want to see our AIDEN? There might be some eggs."
Far below you, Asriel grins with his bright white teeth reflecting the sunlight. He waves as if what just happened is an every day occurrence. You realise you don't like him one bit.

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