Quaihd's Lair
As you walk across Cyatri a strange bat-like creature stirs your interest. The small creature flies with openly evil intentions (yes even though it looks too cute to be even remotely evil) toward you muttering: 

"Why stop at the planet when I can have the universe?"
"Hey! You! Want to visit my Lair?"

You shake your head thinking what the lair of this creature might possibly be. The cute bat then hisses at you muttering: "They NEVER want to see my lair. Not even when I tell them I have two winged cherubuns."
"Cherubuns?" you ask.
"Oh, NOW, you want to come. No-one likes bats, everyone likes bunnies."
You open your mouth to protest that bats aren't that bad - from a distance that is - when the small creature flies toward you and takes hold of your shoulder.
"In fact I could be a very useful friend. And bats are cute from up close."
You ogle the bat a bit befor you hesitantly ask: "Did you read my mind?"
"Yes. No secret is safe from QUAIHD! mwhahahaha!"
A bit freaked by Quaidh's laugh you wonder if you should take the bat off and run as fast as your legs can go."
"I'll be faster still." Quaihd suddenly says, "I can teleport you everywhere you want from here. If you're nice to me I might bring you to where you want to go..."


For Finding Quaihd You Get Some Extras:
DT: The Making Off
Quaihd's Conception
Secret GhostWing Clutch
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