Ebola looked amazed at the decorations some of the other candidates had used for the hatching grounds. Blood writings? Flying bats and wyverns? Cool. All that was missing was Kurt and some nice kittens to intoxicate.
"Why can't there be kittens?" she asked herself.
Of course her bloodlust had faded a bit now that she had reached her goal. Whatever had possessed her had now retreated from her. Ebola was bored. Maybe she didn't need the blood anymore...but the kick of killing sure wasn't forgotten.
The day proceeded into night and suddenly Ebola felt her mouth go dry. A blackness came over her as she mumbled: "Kill."
Startled she opened her eyes. The presence! Stronger than before. She had to get to the hatching grounds where people could stop her should she do something. Not that they would mind, but it was such a messy afair on a perfectly dark and decadent day.
Maybe after the hatching, she thought weakly, her lips still feeling the touch of blood. Inside the hatching cavern, Ebola's mood didn't get better. Someone had thought it funny to write slogans in blood on the walls. Ebola closed her eyes and waited. She heard people coming in, the faint cracking of eggs she remembered from hatchings at Cy and the call of blood. More than halfway through the hatching something suddenly reached her. The dark blackness of the spirit and then a fainted lighter one. Ebola opened her eyes, afraid of what she might see.
A dark bronze hyking hatchling strolled away, taking with it a lust for blood. The fainter spirit however grew stronger.
Ebola! Don't you dare leave me her by myself in the dark!" the smaller blue-purple two headed hydra female whined as her dark companion left the shared egg. Ebola ran to the egg and picked up the baby hatchling.
"It's ok Trinin, I won't ever leave you."
"Good. I could go for some kittens now." the second head said, a complete personality of it's own. Though the first one was definately more feminine and normal, this second one had the makings of a real darkness inside. But nothing indicated a lust for blood in either one of them.
Ebola drew her breath relieved. She just hadn't been able to handle the blood. Killing yes. Drinking blood no. Maybe she should stay away from alcohol too...


                             for reference: head n2 is the one on the left and n1 is the head on the right


Bipedra Flight at Cy
"Hmmm." Ebola said.
"There's a note sticking under our door."
"A note?"
"Yeah a little piece of paper with writing on it!" Trinin's other head sneered.
"Ok, OK, I'm getting it."

We are delighted to inform you about the upcoming
Bipedra Flight at Cy dragonstake. You and your
Hydra Bladion have a spot reserved.

Please confirm your reservations.

"Interesting." she said.
"What?" asked head n1, "I want to know!" head n2.
"We've been asked to attend a flight. The bipedra flight at Cy."
"Will there be kittens?" head n2.
"I don't know. Probably. There are always kittens around. But with all the hydras coming..."
"What else is bothering you?" head n1.
"I came from Cy... My parents are still there."
"The no good do-gooders?" n1
"That's one way of putting it. Bascil and Vyrusa still don't know what happened to me. Or maybe they do. Someone could have told them. They won't have anything to do with me again."
"Because the killing."
"Yes because of the killing, and the diseases, and the plagues and all the cats..."
"Your mother likes cats more than her own daughter?"
"No..." Ebola said, but not very convincing.
"We could find out..."
"And kill her when she wants the kittens!!!!" head n2 shouted excited.
"Would you kill your parents?"
"Given half a chance, I would definately."
"No you wouldn't!"
"Why not?"
"I'd stop you! That's why!"
"Ahh, I'm the alpha head!"
"No I am!"
The next half hour a pandemonium of unexpected 'I ams' broke loose. The hydraheads would stop for minutes at a time and then start again with the name calling. Ebola didn't notice much of the fighting. She was still pondering the idea of going back to Cy. Maybe it was as n2, the eviller one, suggested. If her mother didn't want her anymore she would know... and then Trinin could always wreak havoc in their house.
And what about her father? He had never trusted her. He'd be there.
"Say guys... What's a biped anyway?"
"A hydra walking on two legs!" head n1 shouted before she said "I am!!!" for the thousand time.
"Bipeds.... Do you think they could enter?"
"Of course! That is a known fact." n2 answered.
"Then my parents dragons could be flying in this too."
"Want me to hurt them?" n2 asked eagerly.
"I don't know yet."
Happily the second head smiled and stick her tongue out to her sister: "She didn't say I couldn't!!!"
The first head shut up and turned away. But she couldn't keep her excitement contained for long.
"So we are going?"

Lantessama Isle  -  Sanrix Azon - Cy DRagonstake