"Please sir. Could you give me a lift?" Ebola asked the dragonrider.
"Whereto miss?" he asked.
"Oh anywhere is fine, I'm just passing through." she said and smiled her sweetest smile.
His green dragon looked suspiciously at her. Or was it just her imagination acting up? Ebola couldn't say. She had been a bit unbalanced lately. Her self control was lost. Maybe the dragon smelled it. Ebola had been wandering for a few weeks now. Hiding at day and travelling at night. At night she could pass for a dark human while at day the colour of her hide made her noticeable. Ebola didn't want to get noticed.
She had lured many people into her hideouts. Men and women, it didn't matter to her. The sweet scent of blood had gotten a firm grip on her. The thrill of the hunt and the ecstasy of drinking was almost too much for her too bear. Thinking of the blood alone made her want it. Something dark deep inside her stirred and she couldn't resist it.
Quickly she reached out her hands. The extendable parts of her nails came out and she scratched the dragonrider. Almost immediately he started to sway on his legs. Ebola gave in. The inner scream of wanting was so load she didn't hear the distressed cry of the green dragon who felt her rider slip away.
"Stop it."
Ebola turned around. Who had said those daring words? He'd better watch out for her nails. Suddenly she spotted him. The fool that had thwarted her. Like a disgruntled queen Ebola looked at the stranger. She wanted to react, but the strange was standing too far from her.
"What is it to you." she screamed.
"The dragon shouldn't die."
Ebola dropped the dragonrider she was still holding. He was having trouble breathing, soon his flesh would be rotting... further down until his heart would stop beating, only to leave a black stringy thing... He was as good as death and so was his dragon. She didn't care about them. All she cared about now was herself. Having fun, being free and having no-one around to stop her.
Within seconds she stood next to the speaker. She lashed her hands at him. Then he was gone. In his place a strange being. Humanoid, but with weird legs and... a tail?. His skin as blue as hers.
"What are you?" she asked.
"Something you can't kill." he bluffed.
"Wanna try me?" Ebola suggested.
The next moment he had turned her round, holding her arms tightly in her grip. He was strong, this one. Stronger than she had given him credit for. 
"Cure him." he said.
Ebola shook her head, closed her eyes and closed her hands to fists. She would not cure the dragonrider. Never.
Ebola screamed out in pain as the blue stranger pulled her shoulders further back. Her shoulders were about to be dislocated when she gave in. When the stranger released her, Ebola fell to the ground.  She was weak. With an intense anger in her eyes she looked up at the blue stranger. He urged her to go on. Defeated Ebola crawled to the greenrider and cleaned out the venom in the scratch. It would look like she kissed the wounds, though that wasn't really true. She sucked out the venom, calling it back like it was an army of minions in her control.
A few minutes later the greenrider was again strong enough to sit up and drink.
"Will he need extra care?"
The blue stranger had taken a human form again when people had arrived to help. Now Ebola couldn't even be sure she had seen what she thought she had seen.
"Do you have anywhere to go?" he asked, "I'm Kurt by the way."
Ebola remained silent. She was not speaking to this character. Now that she had calmed down a bit she was strangely interested in the man. And not in her usual way of seeing him as a big toy she could wreck. Her thirst for blood hadn't subsided yet though and she kept looking at the arteries on Kurt's neck.
"If you touch my bond I'll come after you" A voice suddenly said in her head.
Ebola jumped up. She looked at Kurt, her interest was suddenly over. He was just another filthy little dragonrider. She should have seen it when he had made her heal the dragonrider. Why hadn't she seen it? She would leave right at once.
But there was Kurt again, trying to hold her back.
"Leave me!" she screamed.
"Why should I?" he asked.
"Because you are a dragonrider damn you!"
"Listen to me." he said in a very calm, low voice.
Ebola became silent from the dangerous undertone in his voice. This one had things he could teach her...
"I could always give you up to the authorities..."
Ebola tried getting loose. Why did he confuse her so? One minute he was on her side, the other on theirs. She had to get away... She was almost suffocating. And there was that vein again. Softly pulsating in his neck. She could hear it. Within were thousands of cells she could destroy. She would know him if she drank his blood. She was sure of that.
A roar suddenly sounded in her head. A very angry roar. Ebola snapped out of her trance.
"What is it Phantom?" Kurt asked.
A short time passed. Ebola felt Kurt release her from his grip. But she couldn't leave. Finally he looked down. She didn't like the way he looked at her. No-one had ever looked at her that way, except maybe her dad. She knew his dragon had told him what she had been about to do.
"We need to talk." he said.
"Now you're gonna give me up to the authorities for sure!" Ebola said. She knew that was true and still she didn't run. A sick part of her wanted to get to the authorities. The part of her that hungered for power and lust. The blood drinking part that was slowly taking over. She wanted to wreak havoc onto the planet, take over the power and turn the land into a black wasteland. She wanted to... What the hell did she want? She didn't know. She wanted to grow. To break out of this small shell of skin. She wanted to soar high in the sky. Away from everything....
Kurt watched her. They sat down. Five minutes, an hour, two? Ebola didn't care. She was too much confused by the dark inside her that grew ever more powerful. The dark that was embraced by one part of her soul and feared by the other part. The dark part that was winning...
"Phantom, my dragon, tells me you were visited."
"Yes, by a dragon of the clutch I'm searching for."
"These aren't normal dragons..." she said doubting.
"No, they are dark. Spawned from the darkest dragons around."
"I never heard of a dragon talking before it was born."
"They are very close to being born. Who know what goes on in those eggs. All things considered I can only take you."
"But I don't want a dragon..." Ebola reacted weakly.
"You don't have a choice."

Lantessama Isle  -  Sanrix Azon