Name Ebola
Gender Female
Age 18
Family Parents Vyrusa and Bascil who became human by a freak accident in one of Bascil's inventions. They appeared at Cy Dragonstake where they impressed the two Apoc dragons Tetnus and Tuberculosith.
Appearance Ebola is long and slender with long black hair and dark red eyes. Her skin covers all shades of blue and green and can vary depending on the light she's in. Ebola herself prefers dark areas where her skin looks somewhat navy blue.
Her fingernails are very long and she has scratched many with them. Doing so she can infect them with her deadly strain of virus' inside.
Dollbase found at Dreams in Digital
Thoughts Ebola likes to scare and hurt people. She's been kept back a lot by her parents who, aside from still looking a bit greenish haven't got her deadly powers. But now she is on the loose and ready to create some chaos. She just needs one more thing, a dragon...
Hobbies Torturing small animals and wreaking havoc on whoever disturbs her when she's busy. Oh and killing the occasional lover.. but four times a year isn't that much... right? She has to keep a low profile.


Name Trinin
Age Adult
Gender Female
Parents 13 headed gold red Diosama and Night Bronze Diamadenth
Appearance Small blue-purple two headed hydra
Thoughts Take a wild guess ^_^
Hobbies Destroying the world and looking damn good.

Lantessama Isle  -  Sanrix Azon