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"Oh Amoner, yes... more!" she screamed when the boy was kissing her. Little did he know his kissing days were over. She would have some fun with this one. He was so vibrant and alive. She bet one of those stupid goodie-two-shoe dragons would like to have him as a partner.
Ebola put her hair back and started to unbutton her blouse. That always got their attention. She had matured very fast. She looked 21 when in fact she was 14. She swayed around, dancing her way around the boy.
"Catch me if you can!" she called.
She loved making them hunt her down and then becoming the hunter herself. She could never get enough of the looks on their faces... But that wasn't anytime soon yet. She still had 3 hours before her parents expected her to return. Of course they didn't know where she was. In the beginning her mother had still been cool, but that had changed with the years. Both of them would freak out if the knew what she was doing.
It had never occurred to them that all the boys dieing around Cy Dragonstake had anything to do with her. Wild animals, illness, accidents... but Ebola had had her hand in at least half of them. She smiled. The smirk lit her face in an obscure way. She had been smiling a lot in her life, so much that people were used to seeing her slightly malicious grin. 
Ebola stood still. She didn't make any sound, her long black hair flying on the breeze. Soon she saw Amoner passing her. He didn't have a clue where she was. Perfect. From behind she leapt on his back. 
"You found me!" she said and kissed him.
As Amoner relaxed in her grip she scratched his back. A thin scratch, Amoner would think he was standing against a bush with thorns. It wouldn't take long for him to get sick. She had timed it. Some were more resistant of course, but she hadn't found a fully resistant human Yet. She could only believe there were none. She was all-powerful. Well close by at least. Ebola couldn't shake the feeling that she had once been able to do more. Something much more destructive...She didn't recall her games when she had been a baby. How she had been able to make people ill just by looking their way. All she could do now was making people ill by physical contact with the small drops of venom that could be injected by her extendable nails. 
As the suddenly paralysed boy fell to the ground, his body shaking, his eyes wide with terror, Ebola kneeled down beside him. What would she do to end his life? A vicious case of the pox? The plague? Or maybe a nice ammonia...
"What... eh... happened?" Amoner managed to bring out.
"You fell my dear." she answered... still pondering about his death.
"Can you help me up?"
"Of course."
Ebola kissed his neck and drained the venom from the scratch. Three hours was still a long time to play. She'd make him weaker until he would finally realise who she was.
"Probably caught a cold or something." Amoner said, "I usually never get sick."
"That's why I picked you." she said.
Near the lake he was fully recovered. He had shaken the disease of him like it had been an illusion. All of them did. Ebola didn't know if she did it or they. Either way it was very very convenient. 
"Let's sit down for a while." Ebola said and winked, leaving nothing to Amoner's imagination. 
Amoner gladly followed her, the mindless sheep he was. As they sat down they kissed. Soon Ebola noticed Amoner was looking at her breasts again. 'Work it baby!' she thought and brought her head closer to his. When she kissed him she grabbed his arms rather tight and quickly scratched him. Ebola wondered how many hints she would have to give him...
"oooh, I feel light-headed." Amoner said.
"It's the kiss." Ebola grinned, "I rock your world." and some other parts too.
Ebola got up, grabbing Amoner and pulling him up. She had decided on how she would kill him. But she couldn't do that here. No, the conditions were all wrong. Plus he hadn't feared her yet.
"Let's go higher." she said.
"I really don't feel so good."
"Come on, you promised me a day of fun... I know a place where no-one will find us."
Ebola wouldn't heal him anymore... no she needed Amoner very weak and delusional for her plans.
The climb to the mountain was slow and tedious. Amoner kept insisting it must have been something he had eaten. It didn't matter how many clues she dropped, he still thought it was something natural.
Once on the top of the cliffs Ebola nearly had a nervous breakdown.
Oh God he was stupid. Maybe she could let him run around. It would be fun to make him a living death with the mind of a three year old she could torment whenever she wanted. But no, someone might find out it was she who had made Amoner this way. Death was his only Fate.
"God you are stupid!" she yelled.
"It wasn't your dinner, it wasn't a bush... It was me!" Ebola turned around. She extended her nails, drops of venom on the ends. The pupils of her eyes were very big, something which already happened when she was killing. Like she was lighter inside then before and needed to adjust to the dark. To Amoner it must look like one of those old pictures of witches in the books.
As Ebola approached him, the boy started to tremble. 
"Yes... me. It was me." she whispered.
"Oh.... God."
"Your God won't protect you... I'm in control now!" she shrieked.
But then Amoner broke away his paralyses. He stumbled back. Suddenly he was gone. Ebola ran to the edge. Amoner was falling... ever deeper. 
Ebola screamed: "Noooo!"
This wasn't as she had planned! She had been meant to be the one to push him over the edge. Ebola crushed her nails in the palm of her hand. She didn't feel the pain. Pain... she needed to hurt. Now.
In a haze of madness she climbed down the mountain cliff. Sometimes falling, sometimes sliding. Down, maybe 10 metres below, she saw what was left of Amoner's body. He had died when he was falling. His heart had probably stopped from the venom and immense fear. At least he had feared her... 
Ebola looked down on the body and got angry. He had ruined the whole day for her! How could he! He had said he loved her. She had said it back and that didn't mean a thing, but people weren't supposed to lie to her. 
Ebola kicked Amoner's body in the head. With a wet "slugh" it cracked open. Some blood oozed out. Ebola felt better... but still not good enough. Again she kicked his head. She started sobbing and sank to her knees. Why had he left her so soon? Why? She unleashed her nails and started cutting Amoner's chest and face. Driven by a madness beyond rational thinking she needed to hurt him. Ever deeper she cut, trying to find the release of killing. Through the soft pink of fat tissue, down the tougher red strands of muscles. Finally she reached the insides of his body.  The inner mechanism that had proved too chicken to look her in the face. It was his fault! All was his fault. Amoner was responsible for every little thing gone wrong in her life. He needed to be punished.
Suddenly she stopped. Down before her was Amoner's heart. The heart that he had said he had given to her and that he in fact had kept for himself. It was all hers now. Slowly she picked it up from the ripped protective slimes. She held it up to the light. The light reflected on the wetness of Amoner's blood, making it shine like rubies. For a moment Ebola admired it's beauty. And then she ate it.


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