Breaking Free
Ebola lifted her head. Something had called for her. But who? Ebola slowly got up. She was wearing a tight blue jeans and a soft-red top. They were her favourite killer-clothes. She would add another one to her list today. Maybe she was a bit nervous. Maybe that was why she was hearing voices. There was no-one around. It had probably been the wind, she reassured herself.
A flash of black moved in front of her eyes. She was locked in. There was no way out! Only the dark of the small place where she was. Ebola nearly screamed. But within seconds her sight returned. She nearly fell back to the ground. She was suddenly tired. Too tired.
The sounds at the door alerted her that her "date" had arrived. She simply forgot the strange occurrence as she forgot everything that wasn't happening in the now or that would lead her to future lust
. She thought about the boy, Ernik was his name. He was tall and slender and about 2 years older than her 18 years. Plus he was a candidate for the current clutch. Ebola was delighted of the idea of killing a candidate. The hatching was near so that would mean one baby dragon dieing. She chuckled. How she hated dragons.
"Do-gooders." she said by herself and went outside.
"Hi Ebola!" Ernik said.
"Hello." she said back and kissed him, "What are we going to do today?"
"It's a surprise."
"I love surprises!" she said, especially when they involve you getting to know me, she thought.
Ernik led her to a small spot in the forest. Ebola, no surprise there, knew the spot. It was notorious as a make-out spot. Ebola sat herself down and made herself comfortable. She knew what was coming.
"Ebola." Ernik said.
"Yes?" she asked.
"You aren't like any other girl I have ever met. That's why I want to show you my real self."
For a moment Ebola thought Ernik was in fact an illegal alien, trapped in the -gorgeous- body of a 20-year old athlete. She could see him split open and devolving in a green mass of puss at her feet. The image left her and Ebola looked back at Ernik. He was still Ernik.
"Yes?" she tried again.
"Everyone thinks I am a real sports fanatic. But I have another side about me too. I like poetry and since we've met the muses have been inspiring me no end."
Ebola decided to wait and see what would come. In the beginning it was still decent. But with every new poem Enrik seemed to slide down further into clichés and silly metaphors. 'Your skin is like Morning Dew, dew new'. Was one of the lines that caught her attention and then she slipped back down. He sucked.
Ebola suddenly reared up and killed him. The kill was fast and painless. Sad really, but she couldn't bare listening to even one more word of the maniac poet without losing her mind. She would have to get rid of the body though. The scratches of her nails were quite distinguishable and no-one would take his death as an accident.
Dragging Ernik's heavy body beside her Ebola made for the lake. About half way there she suddenly heard a noise that wasn't made by either her or the death body. Ebola turned around.
"Who's there?" she asked.
No-one answered, but she could hear a shallow breathing to her right. When she approached the unseen visitor he decided to run. Perfect. Ebola ran after the intruder. He shouldn't reach the Dragonstake. Her legs were longer and she was very familiar with the surroundings so she gained fast. Danny, it shot through her mind. A boy, barely 8 years old. He lived only a few chambers away from her.
When she finally reached the boy he went down with a soft cry. Ebola, laying on top of the boy pressed him hard to the ground. A second, more exciting killing would save her day. But she wasn't really in the mood to make him sick. He was already scared of her. 
Suddenly the black flashed for her eyes again. When she came back to reality her eyes were fixed on a very tempting, beating artery. The boys neck was soft and tender. With one bite Ebola reached it and drank. Ebola had never drunken blood before. Not living blood anyway. Millions of cells ran down her body. She felt stronger than ever before. With one arm she lifted the boy up. He almost weighed nothing.
A voice, sounding strangely familiar came in her head: "it is too fun to stop."
Yes. Ebola thought. It was indeed too fun to stop. She was being held back here. Only killing a few times a year. She should be out in the world doing some real damage, having some real fun. No more sneaking around. Her legacy was awaiting.
Ebola didn't know how she suddenly came to this insight. Something, deep inside her had awoken and it wanted out. Ebola, not sure what it was, kept it locked inside. Maybe Ernik would be as easy to lift as Danny, she thought and left the small boy laying on the grass. Oblivious of the dozens of bloody handprints on the body. Oblivious of her own bloody hands.
Back where she left Ernik she heard some talking. Carefully she approached and looked through the trees. People. A young couple wanting to make good use of the clearing in the woods. They'd have more fun than she had had when Ernik had read her poems, she thought bitter. Maybe she could kill them too. 
Suddenly the girl screamed. She jumped up and pointed. The boy looked and immediately hurled. Wooss. The two of them ran off. Ebola, knowing she should panic couldn't really grasp the consequences of the whole situation. Only when the couple returned with older men she recognized from the Dragonstake, did she realise this might be bad for her.
Quickly she turned and snuck back to the dragonchamber of her parents. Inside she saw her hands. She would need to clean them. She stepped into her old nursery and washed her hands multiple times, until all the blood that was left looked like it was dirt. The dragons would smell it though. She had to leave soon. Quickly she snagged some clothes and food. She was just about to pull the curtain and leave when she heard voices.
"There is something wrong with Ebola." her father said.
Ebola held her breath. They didn't know she was here, they didn't know what had happened that day...yet. Carefully she looked through the opening in the curtain. 
"She's just growing up Bascil." Her mother said.
"No Vyrusa. Stop fooling yourself. We followed her today."
Ebola gasped for breath. He had followed her?! But then he must know. She would never get past them now. Ebola couldn't really make sense of the whole situation. Her father wouldn't be so calm if he had seen her kill.
"We?" Vyrusa asked.
"Me and Tetnus. She was with a boy..."
"For God's sake! She's 18. That's normal."
"But is it normal that there is no trace of her and that the boy was found dead?"
Her mother suddenly turned to her father in fear. "My baby?"
"I think she did it."
Her mother looked angry at her father. She had asked if Ebola was ok, not about some silly theories Bascil might have. This seemed to be turning into one big parental fight. Her mother wouldn't believe anything bad about her only child. Ebola sighed... maybe there was a way to get out after all if she could get her mother alone..
Suddenly some commotion outside got their parents attention. The high sound of a woman crying entered the room. They had brought Danny back to his mother. Ebola smiled. Quickly she slid back into the other room and made her way for the back door. She couldn't stay here.

Lantessama Isle  -  Sanrix Azon