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Name: Tiatha
Age: 224
Gender: Female
Race: Elf

Description: Tiatha has some years behind her and she wears her wrinkles and grey streaked hair proudly. She is thin, with excess skin around her neck, arms and calves. Her eyes lay deep within her face and she often squints. Her nose is thin and straight. Tiatha enjoys wearing robes and mantles, a fashion that went out of style decades ago but they suit her. 
Personality: Tiatha is bold and outspoken. She shares her wisdom freely, but usually when people make mistakes and she chides them. She voices her opinions loudly and without restraint. If people don't like her, they can bugger off. She has burned her bridges and has only kept in touch with those people she truly likes. 
Short Bio: Tiatha grew up in a strict home and was drilled to be an outstanding member of society. As soon as she'd hit her fifties, she knew life was too precious to stay in that restrictive corset. She set off and started drifting, seeing a lot of the world and learning things on a whole different level from her previous education. Her knowledge led her to be asked as a guide and she's made a lucrative business out of it. 
Hobbies: Going off track.
Aspirations: Seeing every scenery she can until the day she dies. 
Pets: --


By the time a 8 months had passed on Danach, as the planet was called, the crew of elves knew what to expect from hatchings and baby dragons as four of them had already bonded. The Cathair had taken them in, asking little questions and providing them with shelter, food and education. And so they were quite eager to try again. 
Dragons hatched and bonded, finally a small blue male made his way toward Tiatha and hesitated a little bit before he asked:
"If it would please you, I think I might be your bond."
It most certainly would, Chrenyoch." Tiatha replied with a smile on her face. 
More dragons hatched and bonded, until finally, only one egg was left. The egg shook and wobbled, until it finally spilled over and crashed apart on the sand. A light silver dragon rolled out, all wing and tail and limb. But he righted himself and held his head high as he ventured toward Baralas and said:
"You are someone that knows the value of life. You are someone that will fit me well."
"Thank you for your trust, Noloruch." Baralas thanked. 

Blue Chrenyoch hatched at Cathair Kosavon

Size: 14' / 55'
Personality: Laid back, intelligent, undemanding, easily discouraged
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, and Firebreath


Tiatha turned and asked: "What did you say?"
She wanted to make certain of the words her dragon, Chrenyoch had just let loose in her mind.
"I want to mate. You know, chase a female, and maybe, assess my dominance over others... and you know what, it's a bad idea."
"Oh no, Chren, I'm just a bit startled. You hardly ever ask for anything. "
Chrenyoch looked up, maybe this would work after all. He really wanted to fly and win. But winning a flight wasn't easy and there often was fierce competition as everyone of the male dragons wanted to pass on their genes. He wasn't the most agile or fierce, in fact he was pretty laid back. And he certainly wasn't all that cunning, but he was pretty smart. At least he thought so...
"You're just taking yourself down every chance you got." His rider told him, "You're an amazing dragon and I'll cheer you on."
"So you don't mind?"
"Not if it's what you really want."
Tiatha had had her fair share of lovers over the course of the couple of centuries she'd been alive. Why would she deny her bond the pleasure? But thinking back, she hadn't had a lover in quite some time, even before she'd come to Danach. Maybe it was time she found some fun for herself as well. 




Lantessama Isle
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