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Name: Eriel
Age: 47
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Leader, Tactician

Description: Eriel is young still for an elf, she has smooth, fair skin, long blond hair, a stright nose and even features. Her blue-grey eyes look soft, but when she's thwarted they turn into cold steel very fast. Her body is in good shape and she has more curves than the average elf. She prides herself in her appearance and wears the latest fashions. 
Personality: Eriel is no pushover but she knows that honey catches more flies than vinegar. She is usually well-behaved and soft-spoken, reasoning instead of fighting, pulling instead of pushing. Eriel is used to getting her way and leads with self-confidence and grace. Most people don't even think to oppose her, though there are of course some who would.
Short Bio: Eriel is just about Elven royalty. People know it and acknowledge her for it. She's gotten the finest education, the tastiest food and the best clothes. And she loved every minute of it. Now that she's an adult, she's ready to complete the tasks she's been given.
Hobbies: Reading most likely, investigating the things she needs to know.
Aspirations: Doing a good job and earning more praise (and maybe a promotion).
Pets: A black-maned white horse named Tavih. 


By the time a little over half a year had passed on Danach, as the planet was called, the crew of elves knew what to expect from hatchings and baby dragons as three of them had already bonded. The Cathair had taken them in, asking little questions and providing them with shelter, food and education. And so they were quite eager to try again. 
As the candidates and spectators assembled, excitement swept through the crowd. A starry had hatched, the large, cream-coloured female regally turning around so everyone had had a chance to see her, before she skampered off toward the waiting elves. It was Eriel she wanted as she made no secret of it: 
"You are mine." the starry projected loudly.
"Gladly." Eriel agreed and whispered quietly: "i love you, Falyeith."

Starry Falyeith hatched at Cathair Kosavon

Size: 25' / 101'
Personality: Earnest, sweet, extravagant, disorganised
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, and Firebreath


Falyeith roared and rose. Her vision was focused, up was where she needed to go and up is where she would take the many willing chasers that had responded to her call. Among them were dragons she knew, but also some of visiting dragonriders. When a starry dragon rose, it caused quite a stir. Pleased with the effect she was having, the usually sweet dragoness snarled her challenge and sped away.
A multitude of blacks, silvers, coppers, brass and even a few stray blue and slate dragons followed the starry. Among them was Baralas'
Noloruch. Their riders were on friendly terms, but Noloruch wouldn't mind being a little closer to Eriel's Falyeith. And if he'd read the starry's hints, he was pretty certain she at least liked him too. But it wouldn't be a good flight if she just surrendered. 
The blues and slates were the first to drop off, unable to keep up with Falyeith's sudden movements, her disorganised nature actually helping her in the first leg of the race. However, some of the larger dragons were catching on to a subconscious pattern and she had a few close calls. Enough of them to earnestly try to come up with a decent strategy in any way. 
She sped in a straight line, only occasionally throwing in a sudden turn and that got rid of most of her suitors. Noloruch kept up with her and so did a few blacks and another silver. The flight had now reached the last stage and would soon end. Falyeith wanted to drag it out as long as possible, but suddenly, a shadow appeared from above. And there was Noloruch who'd somehow eluded her gaze and had snuck close. His tail caught hers and with a snort, Falyeith resigned. There never had been a doubt who she'd allow to fly her but nobody needed to know that. 




Lantessama Isle
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