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Name: Sudryl
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Race: Elf

Description: Sudryl is in good shape, his slender build just a side-effect from being an elf. He has the strength to prove he trains a lot. he's an agile fighter with a lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, long brown hair and a rather large nose (might have been broken a couple of times). He wears practical clothes that follow the current fashions, feeling one can fight AND look good.
Personality: Sudryl is pretty stoic, his face betrays little emotion but that doesn't mean he doesn't get emotional. He's just learned to keep a lid on them until he's ready to give them sapce (and not get hurt/killed). Sudryl is reliable and will do the job he's set out to do. He is very aware that word of mouth can get or cost him a lot of business.
Short Bio: Sudryl exelled at martial arts and fighting from a young age. He got apprenticed and trained under a master and effortlessly rolled into guard and hired fighter jobs. He's often worked with Tathia and they trust each other. 
Hobbies: Sparring with other guards
Aspirations: Make it big and retire.
Pets: -- (would like a hawk)


They'd spent about three months on Danach, as the planet was called, when the next hatching took place. The Cathair had taken them in, asking little questions and providing them with shelter, food and education. The group of seven ventured to watch but knew that chances were big that they would not all bond on the same day. 
All seven of them went to watch, although Ghilanna had already bonded. She had insisted to cheer the others on because she knew more of the group would bond. And it turned out that she was right. A male brass dragon poked his nose out of the shell, clawing his way out with a little effort. But after he'd managed to break free, he locked eyes with Suldyr and proclaimed: 
"Let me learn from you."
"Of course, Vecerosh." Suldyr nodded, the taciturn guard not saying many words as usual.
Only a little later, a male copper broke through his shell and the dragon, who seemed to be of a good size, hurried toward Maltathdar, tripping once over his own tail and said:
"I just can't wait to have adventures with you!"
"Me too, Rashyaph." The young elf called out, meaning every word of it. Nothing would ever be the same. 

Brass Vecerosh hatched at Cathair Kosavon

Size: 22' / 87'
Personality: Collectivist, gentle, obedient, deceptive
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, and Firebreath


Nenyesh rose. She'd always been a daring, unpredictable dragon. And she proved that once more by not even having alerted her rider of the imminent flight. As such, only a few blues and slates followed her. Nenyesh didn't care either way. Her love was free for everyone and she would give her heart freely to the one who won today. That is if they would have it. 
Dragons looped and swerved as Nenyesh led them around under the pink sky of Danach. After a short time, Nenyesh just relished in the joy of unrestricted flight. Rising dragonesses didn't have to take care to remember flight plans or to avoid others. Now everyone got out of HER way and it was amazing. 
A load roar alerted all chasers that another dragon had joined. Brass Vecerosh rushed ahead and waited for Nenyesh to reach him. The gentle and usually obedient dragon had flown away from an assignment when he'd heard Nenyesh' call. Luckily his rider had yet to mount him or he would have taken Sudryl for the ride of his life. As it stood, Vecerosh could hear the confused calls of his rider, asking to be told what was happening.
"Destiny." Vecerosh told him. 
After all if Nenyesh was to give her heart, the brass dragon wanted it to be his. But Nenyesh wasn't as easy as to just roll over and take him just because he was bigger and stronger than her other suitors. 
"Catch me!" she challenged.
Vecerosh growled his acceptance of her challenge and together they left the others behind. But Vecerosh was bigger and faster than Nenyesh, who only could boast her larger flexibility and agility. When the brass dragon easily caught up and grabbed Nenyesh' tail she admitted defeat.
"You caught me."
"And I'm keeping you."




Lantessama Isle
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