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Name: Daenys
Age: 153
Gender: Female
Race: Elf

Description: Daenys is a thin, tall woman with a fair complexion, black, greying hair, long pointy ears, violet eyes and a rather large nose. She usually is pretty rigid, standing and sitting with her back straight up. Daenys usually wears dark-coloured clothes, preferring to look severe, strict and serious so people don't try to mess with her.
Personality: Daenys is a careful person. She is very aware of her weaknesses and strengths and knows how far she can go. Everything about her is restrained and in control. Though she indulges a couple of whims in private, she does not take it easy in her professional life and always strives for perfection.
Short Bio: Daenys had a less than ideal childhood. Her parents died early and she was left to learn to manage without much love from others. Even now she has few connections and prefers to only rely on herself. She has no real friends, no confidents. 
Hobbies: Daenys' only indulgence is make-up.
Aspirations: Perfection.
Pets: --


By the time a year had passed on Danach, as the planet was called, all but one of the seven elves had already bonded. The Cathair had taken them in, asking little questions and providing them with shelter, food and education. Daenys was surprised to see the six others come see the hatching. After all she'd basically kidnapped them.  
Daenys focused her eyes on the eggs and watched, dismissing each hatchling until finally a lavender female broke shell. The lavender trailed her tail through the sand, forming patterns. She was so innocent and playful that Daenys felt her heart go out to the dragon. Maybe the lavender female had picked up on that, because she ceased her playing and skipped toward the sorceress, saying:
"Your heart knows it belongs to me as mine does to you."
"Charmed, Yapolath."

Lavender Yapolath hatched at Cathair Kosavon

Size: 20' / 81'
Personality: Excitable, eloquent, childish, insecure
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, and Firebreath


Daenys had taken to the training as someone who was used to following ruleS. In fact, the rules the Cathair imposed on the training dragonriders were few and simple compared to some of the rules she'd had to abide by in her education to become a sorceress. Yapolath however had had a little more difficulty, being so excitable and easily distracted that she'd often lost focuse while their instructor was talking or would forget about the objective of a given exercise. Luckily, Daenys had mostly been able to avoid punishment for her insecure bond.
But their time of training had ended. Now was the time to return home. But as so usually was the case, the elves had spend the better part of five years on Danach and had built a life for themselves in the new world. Even Daenys felt reluctant to return home, even though she'd promised Yapolath to show her.
"I don't mind staying a little longer." Yapolath told her.
"I think I might want to rise first."
Daenys wondered how her childish and excitable baby had grown up so fast.
"I'll have much more growing left to do." Yapolath assured her rider, "But to learn I must experiment."




Lantessama Isle
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