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Name: Maltathdar
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Class: Ranger

Description: Maltathdar is a young elf with a ruddy complexion, long blond hair, pal blue-green eyes, a straight nose and large mouth. He is very animated and always seems to be moving or tinkering with something. Maltathdar has no fashion sense and usually wears whatever clothes he gets his hands on first. 
Personality: Maltathdar is just about as nervous as his mannerisms indicate. His mind is constantly on and trying to do two things at once, sometimes three. He never seems to relax, but he does smile a lot and is very excitable seeming to indicate that his nerves don't stem from anxiety. This young elf just seems to want to cram as much living in his life as he can.
Short Bio: Maltathdar grew up in a large family and has always had to fight for attention. At some point he just gave up and started looking for his own gratification. Currently he wants to go on an exploration tour and that's where we're at. 
Hobbies: Doing new things.
Aspirations: Experience everything (at least) once. 


They'd spent about three months on Danach, as the planet was called, when the next hatching took place. The Cathair had taken them in, asking little questions and providing them with shelter, food and education. The group of seven ventured to watch but knew that chances were big that they would not all bond on the same day. 
All seven of them went to watch, although Ghilanna had already bonded. She had insisted to cheer the others on because she knew more of the group would bond. And it turned out that she was right. A male brass dragon poked his nose out of the shell, clawing his way out with a little effort. But after he'd managed to break free, he locked eyes with Suldyr and proclaimed: 
"Let me learn from you."
"Of course, Vecerosh." Suldyr nodded, the taciturn guard not saying many words as usual.
Only a little later, a male copper broke through his shell and the dragon, who seemed to be of a good size, hurried toward Maltathdar, tripping once over his own tail and said:
"I just can't wait to have adventures with you!"
"Me too, Rashyaph." The young elf called out, meaning every word of it. Nothing would ever be the same. 

Copper Rashyaph hatched at Cathair Kosavon

Size: 20' / 78'
Personality: Modest, heroic, stoic, clumsy
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, and Firebreath


Life with a growing dragon was a whole set of adventures that maltathdar had loved exploring. He and Rashyaph had gone through training and had graduated to become dragonriders who were now free to do what they wanted. Daenys' plan had been to take them back to their own world and do whatever it was that the people who'd tasked her wanted them to do. Only that didn't sound appealing at all.
"They could want you to defend the kingdom." Rashyaph tried to cheer up his rider.
"As cool as that would be, I douobt it. Why would you need to kidnap people for such a lofty purpose?"
Rashyaph had to agree. But he also had a solution.
"We could always head of and explore the Nexus. Danach isn't the only world. In fact there are plenty of worlds. I'm not that noticeable that we would stand out."
Maltathdar smiled, "I think you're amazing, so you do stand out. But if there really are so many worlds than maybe that could work."
"So, let's go ask for an off-world assignment and then get lost. It'll be a grand adventure!"




Lantessama Isle
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