NAME: Yeren
GENDER: Non Binary (identifies as mostly male)
AGE: 29

LOOKS: Yeren is slender and sinewy with long limbs and an elegant way of moving. He has long black hair he keeps tied back and dark brown almond eyes. He has a wide nose that is very pronounced in his face. Yeren dresses lightly in bold colours that draw attention. 
PERSONALITY: Yeren is the tribe's seer and has led a life of study and duty. From a young age he was sequestered from others, leaving him to search for his identity in books and visions. His physical gender is male but his thoughts have a feminine touch that did not always flow well with the tribe elders. Yeren usually acts very proper, keeping his thoughts and opinions private. 
SKILLS: Foresight, Subtlety
LIKES: Sparkles & colours, Children and Crafting.
DISLIKES: Mindless obedience and needless sacrifice.

FAMILY: Yeren's parents aren't mentioned around the tribe. From listening closely and reading through the lines Yeren surmised that his mother was a pure maiden that was impregnated by someone from outside the tribe and died giving birth to him.  
PETS: Spirit Butterfly Guide Yanna (f) from Dragon Tears
BOND: Deepnight Mizutsune Sofos (m) and Oceanjade Nargacuga Oneirevomai (m) from
the Empyrean Stair


Yeren felt oddly calm as if his essence was floating somewhere above his actual body that was nervous with anticipation. They'd been questioned, interviewed and scrutinised to see whether or not they would be suitable for these monsters, and more importantly whether or not they could be trusted with their power. The others had gone through a similar process and they all went toward the building that housed the baby monsters together. The creatures, some furred, some scaled and some with both scales and fur were playing and generally being as cute as all babies are inside a large room. They'd been told to mingle and that the monsters would make their choices known by telepathy since talking was a skill they would acquire only with time and practice. Yeren didn't know where to look first and was soon surrounded by a lot of floof. 
~I want this one.~ A mizutsune kit tilted his head from his spot drying off on the side of a water pool, directing his voice towards Yeren. ~Can I meet your Yanna?~
~I want this one too.~ One of the nargacuga kits butted his forehead against the mizutsune’s side.
Unruffled, the water fox looked towards Yeren.
~Okay good?~
Yeren nodded and opened his arms to allow his two new bonds to get closer to him.


Name: Sofos [Wise]
Gender: Male
Coloration: Deepnight
Species: Mizutsune
Class Leviathan
Breed information: Mizutsunes carry vulpine and piscine characteristics, displaying some elaborate traits between fox and fish. While possessing fur and other traits one might not consider beneficial to aquatic life, Mizutsunes are well adapted to their environment.
Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Water Jet, Bubble Spindrift, Waterblight
Elemental Affinity: Water
Reproduction: Viviparous
Personality: Cultured, Creative, Focused

Name: Oneirevomai [Dreaming]
Gender: Male
Coloration: Oceanjade
Species: Nargacuga
Class: Flying Wyvern
Breed information: One of the heavyset types of flying wyvern, Nargacugas are perfectly capable of full flight, but much prefer stalking prey on the ground, and from the shadows. These creatures greatly resemble felines, and move just as silently, though Nargacugas are also possessed of an array of dangerous limbs, deadly spikes, and a whip-like prehensile tail.
Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Poison Strike, Carnage Wound, Perfect Stealth
Elemental Affinity: None
Reproduction: Viviparous
Personality: Independent, Dominant, Loyal





Lantessama Isle
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