NAME: Ilda
GENDER: Female
AGE: 28

LOOKS: Ilda has shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes set in a delicate face that's offset a bit by a bulbous nose she inherited from her mother's side of the family. Ilda is of average built but a bit taller than most women. She likes to wear rich coloured-clothing and will never ever wear pastels. 
PERSONALITY: Ilda is a woman who likes to enjoy life. She is a hunter by trade but also wants to do other things. She has a wide range of interests that keep her entertained and likes to cycle through her hobbies since she can't do all of them at once. Choice is not a set option to her, it is a temporary compromise. She has a flexible mind and a smooth way of talking to get her way.
SKILLS: Handy. 
LIKES: A gazillion things (especially new stuff to try or discover)
DISLIKES: almost nothing... but she's not fond of parasites.

FAMILY: Ilda was brought up by her aunt who is her only living relative. She actually lived in another tribe, but moved to her current one after her parents died.  
BOND: Sunfire Tobi-Kadachi Vammeno (m) from
the Empyrean Stair


Ilda still felt somewhat uncomfortable by the presence of so much open space. The waterway of the Kaidan Akala also didn't help to quiet her nerves when she was being questioned, interviewed and finally admitted to the building that housed the baby monsters. The others had gone through the same process and some seemed to have taken it better than others. So it was with a relief when they saw all the small baby creatures, some furred, some scaled and some with both scales and fur playing and generally being as cute as all babies. They'd been told to mingle and that the monsters would make their choices known by telepathy since talking was a skill they would acquire only with time and practice. 
~Neeheeeheeee!~ One of the bright tobi-kadachi kits zoomed himself right over in front of Ilda, little tongue flicking in and out, bright-eyed and literally bushy-tailed. ~I want you! We can go ‘splorin!~

Name: Vammeno [Painted]
Gender: Male
Coloration: Sunfire
Species: Tobi-Kadachi
Class: Fanged Wyvern
Breed Information: More lithe and lanky than some of their heavyset cousins, tobi-kadachis bring to mind both snakes and squirrels. They can climb straight up sheer surfaces, and enjoy moving through large trees or just about anywhere up high. They possess a membrane between their limbs that allows for long-distance gliding, and when on the ground, their movement builds up static electricity, which they can weaponize.
Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Overload, Venomous Bite, Thunderblight, Fireblight*
Elemental Affinity: Thunder
Reproduction: Viviparous
Personality: Adventurous, Upbeat





Lantessama Isle
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