NAME: Calla
GENDER: Female
AGE: 32

LOOKS: Calla has a dark complexion, light brown hair she keeps in intricate knots, a wide nose and thick lips. She has a decent figure with noticeable curves and some muscle to make sure her legs, arms and belly are tight. Calla likes to wear softer colours that contrast her skincolour.
PERSONALITY: Calla is a no-nonsense kind of girl. She works as a butcher and has seen her share of blood and gore. There is not much that can rattle her. She is cautious but not fearful and has a practical outlook on life. She does not believe in prophecies and magic, but joined when she was asked because she felt like she could be an asset to the party. Yeren does have interest in her because she has her own affinity to the spirit world, even if she has blocked her gift up till now. 
SKILLS: Butchering, Analytical thinking.
LIKES: Music & Rhythm, Social gatherings and Eating. 
DISLIKES: The unseen world and spiritual "mumbo-jumbo"

FAMILY: Her parents are also butchers and work with her.  
PETS: Yellow Ghostwing Riva (f) from Dragon Tears
BOND: Stonedust Zinogre Dankana (f) from
the Empyrean Stair


Calla quietly thought about sharpening her knives while she answered questions. They had been brought here for this purpose so it was strange that they were still wary of the bondings. Still these were potentially dangerous creatures and Calla acknowledged that some prudence was needed. The others had gone through the same process all had apparently passed as they were led to the building that housed the baby monsters. The small baby creatures, some furred, some scaled and some with both scales and fur played and generally were being as cute as all babies. They'd been told to mingle and that the monsters would make their choices known by telepathy since talking was a skill they would acquire only with time and practice. 
Kerrik was assaulted by a grey-blue flying wyvern that seemed more feline in her behaviour and shortly after that Calla caught the attention of a grey-brown fanged wyvern. 
~Beiní silly.~ One of the zinogres growled with a strange, chortling undertone, like a very guttural laugh. ~She beiní silly.~ The kit looked up at Calla, as if for validation. ~Iímma pick you, okay?~

Name: Dankana [Claw]
Gender: Female
Coloration: Stonedust
Species: Zinogre
Class: Fanged Wyvern
Breed Information: Heavyset and bulky in appearance, zinogres carry somewhat lupine characteristics, pebbly skin, and armored plating. They are physically powerful, and surprisingly agile, even more so when in a charged state. Numerous spikes on their bodies tend to lay flat until charged with electricity.
Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Lightning Charge, Shock Paralysis, Thunderblight
Elemental Affinity: Thunder
Reproduction: Viviparous
Personality: Caring, Clever, Cheerful





Lantessama Isle
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