NAME: Patrik
AGE: 35

LOOKS: Patrik has wavy thick black hair that he keeps short enough to be out of his way. He has a beard and moustache that make him look his age, without those he'd have a baby face. Patrik isn't heavily muscled, preferring to be quick on his feet in stead of strong in battle. He usually wears soft earth tones that help him disappear in the forest. 
PERSONALITY: Patrik is a quiet man who is pretty traditional in his thoughts and ideas. He was brought up in a traditional family and likes the stability that division in roles brings. He sought the same for his family and married a childhood friend that fit his ideals of a good wife. As he hunter he is sometimes away from home for longer stretches of time. He can be on his own but also works well in a group. 
SKILLS: Hunting.
LIKES: Compartmentalising, providing for his family, being a valuable member of the tribe.
DISLIKES: Chaos, Conflict and Trouble.

FAMILY: Younger brother Kerrik. Wife Rita (33) who stays at home with the children, Piter (15) and Raiya (12).  
BOND: Tempestrider Nargacuga Katapistevma (f) from
the Empyrean Stair


Patrik stood somewhat to the side of the room. Creatures were playing and bonding all around him. He'd anticipated being subject to scrutiny as an immigrant to these parts but he'd felt oddly prickly at being looked down upon. They'd been told to mingle and that the monsters would make their choices known by telepathy since talking was a skill they would acquire only with time and practice. Ilda had impressed, then Kerrik, Calla and Yeren had somehow managed to snag two of the baby monsters. Patrik still did as he was told and waited, not convinced that walking between the monsters would aid his cause.
One of the calmer Nargacuga kits paced among her siblings, stepping up in the shadow of Patrik with much less fanfare.
~You feel solid. I like you.~

Name: Katapistevma [Trust]
Gender: Female
Coloration: Tempestrider
Species: Nargacuga
Class: Flying Wyvern
Breed Information: One of the heavyset types of flying wyvern, Nargacugas are perfectly capable of full flight, but much prefer stalking prey on the ground, and from the shadows. These creatures greatly resemble felines, and move just as silently, though Nargacugas are also possessed of an array of dangerous limbs, deadly spikes, and a whiplike prehensile tail.
Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Poison Strike, Carnage Wound, Perfect Stealth
Elemental Affinity: None
Reproduction: Viviparous
Personality: Disciplined, Hardworking





Lantessama Isle
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