NAME: Kerrik
AGE: 31

LOOKS: Kerrik has short dark brown hair, kind brown eyes, a wide nose, large ears and a mouth that smiles a lot. All those features give him an endearing and young look. Despite his boyish looks, Kerrik is a strong adult man and he has the muscle to prove it. Kerrik likes to wear cold colours like blue and grey. 
PERSONALITY: Kerrik is an idealist. He grew up in a stable family home, but unlike his brother he did see the problems and tension beneath the surface. He wants a partnership in his life and believes he has found a likely partner in his sweetheart. He doesn't mind labouring and is often busy hauling or cutting wood or building. Kerrik does advocate change and progress within the tribe, sometimes bringing him up against his own older brother. 
SKILLS: Strength, Stamina.
LIKES: Honesty, Equality and Freedom of speech.
DISLIKES: Injustice and Stalemates.

FAMILY: Older brother Patrik, Sweetheart Lupe (28).   
PETS: Nezu (m) from Dragon Tears
BOND: Skyshimmer Legiana Pagonia (f) from
the Empyrean Stair


Kerrik left the place where he'd been interviewed and felt a bit uncomfortable. Why had they needed to know some of the things he'd been asked? The view of the unusual Kaidan Akala actually calmed and centered him as they walked toward the building that housed the baby monsters. The others had gone through the same process and seemed quite unperturbed. So Kerrik was happy to shift his attention to all the small baby creatures, some furred, some scaled and some with both scales and fur playing and generally being as cute as all babies ever were. They'd been told to mingle and that the monsters would make their choices known by telepathy since talking was a skill they would acquire only with time and practice. 
~You, yes.~ A legiana hopped once, then twice, over towards Kerrik, cuddling up around his legs like a particularly ungainly cat. ~Yes, you. Is mine now.~

Name: Pagonia [Frost]
Gender: Female
Coloration: Skyshimmer
Species: Legiana
Class: Flying Wyvern
Breed Information: Of the lighter variety of flying wyvern, legianas hunt exclusively from the air, either diving onto unsuspecting prey, or freezing it in ice - or sheer terror - before picking it off at their leisure. Legianas possess a specialized membrane structure across their bodies, expanding and contracting the various fans to keep it in the air for exceptionally long periods of time, with minimal effort.
Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Terrifying Scream, True Sight, Frost Armor, Iceblight
Elemental Affinity: Ice
Reproduction: Oviparous
Personality: Friendly, Good-Natured, Idealistic





Lantessama Isle
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