The Island Sisters

Ailani tapped her foot and unconsciously poked her finger at her youngest siter.
"We told you we needed you for this."
Waiola averted her eyes, hating when her older sister berated her. She'd only been a little late and she was a grown woman. In fact she'd been helping at the ship wharf and she'd been needed there too. But to her sister only the upcoming festivities of the island were important enough. 
Waiola could understand that it was a big deal to have been asked to organise the events, but missing one person for half an hour shouldn't derail the plans her sister'd made. Waiola had faith in that. So she stood there and underwent the sermon, even if this was only prolonging the time wherein she wasn't working. 
Ailani knew she was going overboard, but the stress of it all was getting the best of her. She'd been tense all day and Waiola's tardiness had just been the last spark that had ignited the bomb inside her. Ailani had to be perfect, had to make a success of the coming festivities or she'd let down her parents, her family and basically everybody in the village. She knew there was no time for this but just couldn't help herself. 
It was Lua who came to Waiola's rescue. The relaxed beauty pranced by, followed by a small group of able men.
"I already got us some extra help." she crooned and was met with enthusiastic nods.
Lua's presence calmed Ailani and the long-hired beauty quickly motioned for Waiola to go to do whatever she'd been supposed to be doing. Waiola didn't hesitate and ran off while Lua smiled and asked for instructions for her and the men she'd gathered. 
"Where do you need us?"
"Well seeing as you've found some muscle..." Ailana started, "You could go build the dais."
"Certainly." Lua nodded and turned away. 
The dais was the centre stage for the festivities and the men would be happy to have helped building it. And maybe Lua could tweak the design a bit so it would look a bit flashier. As it was, Noelani had designed the stage and it was dreadfully old-fashioned. The second youngest of the sisters was present to oversee the work though, so Lua only got in a couple of colourful fabric flowers before she was ordered to go somewhere else. 
Noelani looked at the flowers and considered taking them down. But they did suit the stage and the younger women around seemed to be fond of them. Noelani did like flowers but wouldn't these be too frivolous? She could always tell Ailani that Lua had been to blame for the flowers if she didn't like them. Noelani turned gracefully, adjusted her dress and went back to looking mature and in control. 

As the days wore on, the venue started to look amazing. The stage and dais were decorated with leaves and flowers, the tables and benches below were clean and comfortable. There was a place where the children could play and the elderly could rest. Stalls that would serve refreshments stood to a side, easily accessible but also far enough away that they wouldn't disturb the performers by being too loud. 
Ailani saw that it was good and relaxed for the first time in nearly two weeks. Everything was going to be fine.
Lua imagined herself standing on the stage and telling stories to the children.
Noelani fanned herself to cool down and was just happy that Ailani was pleased and everyone loved the simple, elegant designs. Even if Lua had managed to add in some more flowers.
Waiola checked up on the construction and was satisfied that all the stalls and stages were sound. 

Nighttime came and the festivities started. The four sisters could barely stay awake to enjoy them though. Somehow they all ended up at the beach, intending to walk off the sleepiness that was threatening to end the night early.  
"Shouldn't you be performing?" Ailani asked Lua.
"I already finished, shouldn't you be keeping an eye on the troublemakers?" Lua returned.
"I took care of that." Noelani said proudly.
"You're making a big effort." Waiola noted, "You planning on organising this next year?"
The sisters squabbled as they were known to do often. They were so lost in their quarrel that they didn't even notice the dragon landing on the other side of the beach. Not until it let out a rather loud rumble, that is.
"Who's there?" Ailani called, ever the first to react.
"Excuse us, we were wondering if you ladies would like to come to Lantessama."
"As if I would accept an invitation from a stranger." Noelani replied.
"Where exactly is Lantessama?" Lua asked, already dreaming of faraway places.
"Do they have good food?" Waiola wanted to know.
"Lantessama is far away." the dragonrider acknowledged, "But with a dragon it's but a few minutes away."
Now Noelani's interest was awakened as well. She'd studied plenty of maps but had never heard of this place."
"I say we go!" Waiola said.
"Let's let our parents know just to be safe." Ailani said cautiously.
"Let's ask someone to give them a message." Lua yawned, "I don't think I can walk anymore."
And so it happened that the four sisters were brought to Lantessama to bond. 



Lantessama Isle
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